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Do you nod/wave to scooter riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TWEET, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Are you dreaming, I would never acknowledge a scooter or it's rider!

  2. Yes, we are all brothers on two wheels!

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  3. Only if its a Maxi scooter because they don't hold me up so much and piss everyone else off.

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  1. Tell us, they seem to have their little poll regarding if they as scooter riders wave/nod to other two wheeled riders. I personally don't consider scooter riders to be motorcyclists.

  2. :arrow: Are you dreaming, I would never acknowledge a scooter or it's rider!

    [​IMG] for asking :grin:

    Hence my poll selection :p
  3. I find the bulk of scooter riders I know (about 10) only ride scooters as a cheap effective (bahaha) mode of transport. They don't do it for the passion of the ride, they do it so the dont have to cage.

    Hence, I do not wave, nod or acknowledge scooter riders, except to blast past them.

    The ONLY exception to that rule is helping someone out if they're being hassled by a car.. Why? Because I'm human and I can't stand seeing a poor defenseless little thing like that being victimised by a cager.

    Other than that, they can GF.
  4. mmm i think i mostly do, just depends if i notice em.
    but hey, i nod to cyclists :cool: :p :LOL:

    and to road workers, lolly pop people, kids in backseats, grandma crossing the road, blah blah blah, yada yada yada....
  5. To who?
  6. But then, a few do; some riders scoot when commuting and deserve a nod, and fewer yet, some scooteristas even get the whole thing. Fully geared up and sporting a Repsol sticker kit, it's :LOL:s and nods all 'round, business suit and an open face plus a vacant stare ahead and it's 'you're an idiot', but nod returned if it comes (not once, ever). I won't nod to riders who are being tools either, same goes for tools on scooters.
  7. I do and very rarely do they nod back.. :grin:

    I think they are shocked that the big biker is acknowledging them.. :LOL:
  8. [​IMG]

    Shocking behaviour there Blue

    Now thats a moped rider I should have acknowledged.. after the stack that is..
  9. +1
  10. Ditto from me...

    I for one can't understand (or stand) dorks riding without at least SOME protective gear (I only beetle round on a 50cc hair dryer myself but wouldn't dream of zipping up to the corner shop without at least putting on jeans, boots and a leather jacket) The way I see things it doesn't matter if you are on a 50cc hairdryer or a 1500cc rocketsled, if you hit the pavement in T-shirt and shorts at 70k's it damn well HURTS (and you are a tool for not gearing up before hopping on)!

    Anyway.... back on topic...

    I always return a nod/wave... and will always nod at other scooteristas - even the tools... tho' they (the tools) rarely - if ever - acknowledge me in return...
  11. When I am riding my pushy to work I nod to the proper bikes at lights etc, rarely get anything back though. If only we were a more loving society...
  12. I do, but only to put them off guard so I can bash them at the lights.
  13. I do if they are geared up.
    I don't nod at squids.
  14. Sif :roll: , I go out of my way to ignore them unless there hot of course :LOL:
  15. I would nod them if I saw them. Rarely see them on freeways, or out doing twisties in the hills :LOL:
  16. I don't.

    Sometimes they nod at me... I nod back if thats the case... and the ones that do nod usually have their L's and are excited to be riding I guess and nod at everyone.... they haven't realised the world is laughing at them and become bitter and resentful of the lack of CC's... then they stop nodding :LOL:
  17. I acknowledge all bikes. They're dodging cars just as much as we are. :grin:
  18. edited.....not worth the effort.
  19. I ignore them, unless they nod first/are female

    but i don't hate them as it is one less person in a cage, plus the more people out on two wheels the better it is for our awareness

    but then again i have seen them do some pretty stupid sh!t that would lower joe cager's opinion of all things on two wheels

  20. If I'm riding through suburbia or the city I will generally ignore them unless I'm nodded to first. However I have seen them out on the pacific highway a few times and I certainly nod to them there.