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Do you nod to the postie when riding? ...vote here

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Camoridz, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Yep, they are just another rider, why not share the love?

  2. Nah, i leave them alone

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  3. I'm not a nodder anyway

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  1. Have been passing these guys for ages- most don't nod back- fair enough if they are just focused on their job. Guess i just like to be friendly. What do you think?

  2. Yeah they love when i come up on the 14 and give em a nod.. Makes there day i reckon.. :LOL:
  3. i nodded just today..

    haha great post
  4. ..not when they bring the fcuken phone bills :evil: :evil:
  5. Are you looking for a fluro jacket and a engine upgrade!
  6. When I was a postie I would have waved back. :grin:
  7. most of them I nod to, nod back :grin:
  8. Our postie has one of those push carts...

    I don't tend to nod at people with push carts :LOL:
  9. I do,,, Today I came up to one at the lights and noded at him he noded back and jus checked out my ride(most do coz of the sound not the actual bike :) )
  10. I usually flip the visor up, two finger "you there" point right at them, yell out "You're riding on the footpath!!! Get back on the road you fcukin' stupid squid, and buy some proper gear!" then shake my head and continue on my wheelie way.


    No, wait, that's what Browny does. I nod. Get one back less than half the time, just a job for most of them I think.
  11. i nod from the granny scooter!

    there's the odd ocation where im standing at the lights and theres a bike that sloooooooooows right down, starts wobbles, wont move forward till i nod.

    yip, it was on a bike :roll:
  12. Our postie drives a car (rural), but i nod to the m/c posties in the city. :grin:
  13. always,

    Most posties ride
  14. dont lie man..... they were trying to tell you all your fairing are falling off
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    just kidding man :p
  15. On a side note...

    Just yesterday i saw a pack of posties getting around like harley riders :shock:

    They must have all been returning to the depot after their runs but it was just funny how un-intimidating they were in their fluro yellow vests.

    I'd love to see them ride like that down the popular weekend routes and see if they can get a reaction as a kind of piss take on those big harley club rides :LOL:
  16. there's no posties on motorbikes where I live but if there were I would definitely wave/nod to them.
    Why the hell not!
  17. One of the riders on our Illawarra Forum IS a postie, so I HAVE TO nod at him, and them, because he knows where I live :LOL:.
  18. My postie is insane. He takes those corners at full lean with the bags scraping the ground. :shock:
    Yep I give him the nod, and the wave, hell I’ll even go and shake his hand if could. Respect :cool:
  19. Postie? heh.

    I got a nod from a bloke using a weedeater.

  20. hey, whats the go with getting stuck into me in the threads :?:
    I'm a frickin angel :angel:
    i for one always Nod :LOL: