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Do you need to have the booking slip for MOST?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lachlan56, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Eeek,

    Go for my P's tomorrow, but I can't find my booking form ANYWHERE. I think it was thrown out.

    Do we HAVE to have it with us or will our licence be sufficent? What time do they usually start as well? It was either 7am or 730am.......I cannot recall. :(
  2. When I did my P test at Clyde all I had to bring was my licence... It should start at 7:30 but you'll need to get there by 7:15

    Good luck with your P test
  3. I went to the MOST twice :roll: didnt need the booking slip either time. If your not sure of the time best to go early as they are supposed to be very strict on latecomers ie you forfeit the day.
  4. Thanks guys!
    Don't mind getting there nice and early, its more the slip I was worried about.

    I was just out riding, filled the bike up ready for tomorrow. I am still not 100% sure on my U turns. I mean I can do them fine, but I have no idea if I can do them within the box they provide.
  5. mate your stressing already, relax champ lol, regarding u turn, you will have plenty of time to practice on the day, plus when u are practising, they will make the box smaller than usual, so if u do the u turns during practice, u will blitz it in on the test
  6. yeah they dont ask. Just rock up at before 7 then atleast your too early not too late.

    It all goes on your lics number anyways. GL
  7. w00t

    I passed :grin:

    Let the 12 months begin......

    Tips for anyone going soon, do LOTS of slow speed practice. I did a fair bit and thought it was enough. I could have used FAR more. The cone weave was far harder than I had planned for.