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do you need a RWC to swap over the rego on a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by doug mech eng, May 29, 2007.

  1. I know with cars, people normally sell them with a RWC's because you need one to swap over the rego. and you know you're not getting a totally dud car...

    Is it the same for bikes?

    I only ask because i haven't seen any mention of RWC's on 'for sale' ads.

    whats the go?

    cheers, Doug.
  2. You need an RWC to transfer the rego on a motorcycle in Victoria.

    An alternative is to transfer the ownership with the registration suspended and the plates handed in.

    It isn't required to advertise a bike with an RWC as you can use the 2nd option.
  3. Bear in mind that if you sell a bike with no rego (no RWC) then the buyer will need an unregistered vehicle inspection certificate before they can register it again, in NSW this is a blue slip. The blue slip inspection is more costly and more thorough than the RWC so buyers may be unwilling to purchase an unregistered bike.
  4. thanks for clearing it up guys.

  5. I let my bike rego expire last year

    To get my blue slip it took 10 min and $30
  6. he is in vic, so blue slips no such thing etc.

    I heard (but feel free to correct me !) that you can transfer ownership but you have 31 or so days to supply a rwc.
  7. ZRX1200R is correct.

    If you transfer registration (ie a vehicle that is currently registered) then you need a RWC. Take RWC and money to VicRoads and fill out forms!

    You can buy it out of rego though. You will need to then still get a RWC AND in addition when you register it you will need to have it inspected by VicRoads, and you'll need to provide them with proof of ownership.

    It's just simpler and cheaper to transfer rego, than to buy without.
  8. Regarding insurance, what is the go for the period when you haven't gone to get the RWC and transferred the rego?

    Was told by Peter Stevens that they can't insure me until I get a RWC and take the forms in to Vicroads. (This is because the bike is in someone else's name.)

    Took out insurance somewhere else but can anyone else tell me if PS were correct? (ie am I riding around for the next 24 hours with no insurance, not even third party??)
  9. Technically they were. You cannot insure someone elses vehicle so until it is transferred into your name you cannot have it insured. If you talk to the insurance company though about what you're doing normally they'll insure it for you on the proviso you transfer it within a certain period or have a letter of sale from the seller etc... PS were just taking the easy out cause they probably couldn't be stuffed!