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Do you need a back protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by calisleo, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    New around here and i got a quick qustion.

    I just got my new leather jacket and it comes with a back protector, is necessary to get another back Protector with kidney belt. so doubling up the protection.

  2. never hurts to have too much protection as long as your movement is not restricted
  3. If you have an accident, come off, and slide back-first into a pole or tree, then it's a bit like someone with a heavy wooden baseball bat taking their hardest possible whack straight onto your back/spine.

    Keeping that it mind, ask yourself if you think your in-leathers back-protector would be adequate to protect you from that sort of impact, and if so, then you don't need a back-protector.
  4. Q - "do you need a back protector?"

    About as much as you need a helmet. It's only useful if you fall off, at which time, you will be happy if you have the best damn protection on the planet!

    A - Yes :grin:
  5. A back protector/kidney belt definitely falls into the 'want' category not need.
    I rode for years offroad without one and never had an issue. That said, now that I have one I never ride without it.
    I only wear one on the road bike when out scratching. It's way too cumbersome for riding to work and just more shit to carry.
  6. I wear mine on track days and increasingly on the road.
    I've noticed back protectors with a particulat CE rating are compulsory on some HART advanced level track based courses nowadays.
    I think that you may need to wear one if you wish to reduce the risk of overextension, potential spinal fracture and cord damage in the course of a collision.
  7. I never leave home without it. I've had 4 significant accidents in 24yrs and was not wearing a protector for any of them. The fact that I can use my legs is more luck then planning. Having taken the time to get used to it, I now find it strange to not wear it.

    I've been riding a lot more with other people this last year and been near or witnessed the strangest of accidents. When you see how quickly things can go pear shaped, you soon learn that accidents can and do happen to the nicest of people doing nothing particularly wrong. And the seemingly most innocuous looking stacks can have lifelong and devastating consequences.

    If you can afford one, buy one, put up with the pain of getting to learn to like it. And then wear it all the time.
  8. And you can just wear your back-protector WITHOUT the jacket on really hot days!

    It's not squidding

    ... it's Ninja Turtling
  9. I put mine on whenever I'm up for some serious quick twisties riding.

    Which is funny, 'cause you never know when circumstances beyond your control are going to bugger you. But in my head the only time I'm going to crash is when I'm pushing it.

    Anyway, had I been wearing it when I wandered down to the spur (on the spur of the moment no less) with Cejay, I wouldn't have broken my sacrum. And you can ask Lenna about whether she would have worn a back protector in hindsight.

    It's another annoying thing to stash wherever your destination is, but I guess you want every bit of protection you can get in the unlikely event...
  10. My 2c on this is to grab one of the Dainese vest-type zip-up ones. Tried a few back-protectors and generally found that they all liked to ride up my back, and get in the way of me being able to tilt my head back and up when trying to look through longer corners at higher speeds. The zip-up vest-type I've found always stays in place, and overall I barely even notice that it's there. Quite a deal more expensive than your regular "strap-on" back protectors, but IMO, worth every cent in terms of comfort and staying in place and not getting in the way of the helmet.
  11. + 1 to Flux. If I had had the budget I would have done exactly that. Next equipment upgrade time...
  12. 19 years without, 4 months with-after Lenna's accident, tis now like American Express-dont leave home without it :-k apart from yesterday when I got far enough away from home to be too much of a pain in the arse to go back, and realised I had forgotten it :facepalm: which I suppose is an indictment of its comfort, in so far as it fits so well, dont even know its there.
  13. LOL
  14. the one in jackets is inevitably soft foam, not a true back protector.

    i never wore one until i went to a track day and an advanced ride day. Since then i've appreciated the value of a proper back protector. Now for me it is like a jacket and gloves....i feel naked without one.
  15. when youre a paraplegic from the "careful" ride to the shops, when youre chain snapped, you'll wish you wore it... conmsidering you already have one, you dont have to fork out cash, so unless its really uncomfortable (give it time to shape to youre body) its all pro's and no cons.
  16. Always wear it whenever i'm on the bike.

    For some reason i forgot it on the ANZAC day ride and felt uneasy all day.

    I just feel that if i come off i want to have MAX protection that i can.
  17. DO I need a back protector?

    No, I can trust the people I work with here... :LOL:
  18. Never leave home without it.
    Even just going to SES training.
    Unlike Flux I do not find that mind rides up or creeeps no matter my physical exertions on the bike.
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. Ever had a stone work it's way into your spine ?
  20. No what did it feel like? :eek: