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Do you MSN

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sirian Sun, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Ok see that just sounded a bit weird and creepy lol

    Seriously though I would like to get to know people from here and because I dont use IRC figure MSN is the next best thing.

    If you dont mind being added let me know :)
  2. i use msn at times i think also on facebooks netrider site theres a msn thread with addresses, have never used msn for motorbike stuff cause i'm on here wayyy too much :LOL:
  3. hahaha I think I am ending up the same! Enjoy it before uni is back in full swing ;) I didnt know there was a Facebook page for Netrider :)
  4. msn is made of lose and fail. Google Talk ftw.
  5. anyone still ICQ ?
  6. Shiet talk about old school...just reminds me of the OH OH!!! thing...would be mad as an SMS ring tone for old times sake.

    phong =P~
  7. I chuck MSN on whenever i'm on the pc, have done for years
  8. If you're in the habit of exchanging data by way of MSN's 'Shared Folder', do not download the latest version of Messenger, as this wonderful facility has been done away with in favour of Microsoft's awful 'Skydrive'
  9. now, I am a real luddite, how do you access this?
  10. Being an online gamer MSN is Great, also Ventrillo for Voice comms or simply Facebook :LOL:
  11. Vent fails TS for the win!
  12. We went from TS to Vent.
  13. Well don't you now feel all the more stupid :p .
  14. This thread is ABOUT MSN.

    If you want to discuss other messanging programmes, please start another thread about them.
  15. Thois is the facebook netrider page, puts a few names to faces but isnt very actively used because we already all luckilly have here
  16. Having a *cough* MAC, i use Messenger for Mac, ( MSN ) tho i cannot use webcam ( oh damn, lol ). I find Facebook live chat quicker. Dnt have any contact involving Netriders outside this forum tho, except for one.

    Facebook or this forum seems more efficient. I think so anyways.

  17. actually Vent for voice is far superior as the Codecs are much better. Vent is like talking on the telephone where as the sound quality of TS is much lower. TS does come into it's own though with some features that Vent does not have like channel command.

    Can you have multiple convo's on MSN or an open chat room where people can come and go?
    :roll: back away folks it's the Forum Nazi, not like you have never spoken off topic :jerk:
  18. do i msn?

    yes ..

    its my easiest way to keep in touch with my friends and the few family members i have.
  19. You got a whole new one now too Dee ;)
  20. LOL... ill hook you up with my msn if you want