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Do You Live Near Agnes Waters (QLD)??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. I'm moving up that way soon, and just wondering if there's some riding buddies close by?

  2. I'm in Rocky, was in Agnes Waters the weekend just gone on my way home from Bundy. Not a bad ride actually, not too far either.
  3. Im working in Gladstone soon (FIFO)... but thats 14 hour days 7 days a week too :p so chances of riding while away for work is pretty slim :p.
  4. Oh, you're only a few hours away from where I'll be :)

  5. No worries, Mr Messy, maybe a dinner or something, but you'd prob be stuffed!
  6. Haha trust me, your definition of close changes once you get out here. Close when I was in Melbourne was the same side of the city. Close now is 200-300 clicks. I've covered 4300 clicks on a bike I picked up on the 23rd of July. You'll think nothing of the trip up to Boyne/Tannum after a few months. And from what I hear, will be a fairly regular occurrence too, if I recall correctly there's not a chemist in Agnes, let alone a bike shop.
  7. Hunny, I live on 11 acres, it takes me a minimum of an hour to get to the city from my house. For me to say "oh you live ages away" is generally an all day trip, like, 600k's or more.
  8. Haha excellent! You won't find it a change then! People i used to work with flip when they hear I do a 50km each way trip. It's a pleasant 50k though so I don't mind.

    How soon can CQ expect to see you? I've never ridden anything but solo, so I'd be mad keen to meet up with a few folks for a ride, even if it takes a few hours of solo riding to get there.
  9. i just finished up my job on doing 41 k's each way.

    i should be there on the 1st of October or thereabouts.
  10. Dad's in Bundy & I've been up that way a bit, some nice roads & scenery!

    Never been on a bike around there though, I reckon it'd be great fun,
  11. Mmmm. I live on 11 acres and it takes me an hour to get to the city. It's strange that we haven't crossed paths.
  12. Hi lowercase, my wife and I travelled up through that way almost 2yrs ago, take your camera and a six pack because the sunsets at 1770 are worth sitting and waiting for.

    Everynight at sunset you will see a stream of rental scooters loaded up with backpackers heading to the point for that special shot. Just rip it past em and show them what a real bike look like.

    Sad part is most of the roads up that way are long .. straight ..and full of caravanners, although the back road into Mission Beach looked pretty interesting, just watch out for cassawary's.
  13. Camera will definitely be with me. I actually am okay with long straight roads for the time being - so long as I have my bike and money for fuel, that's all I need at the moment. There's twisties about an hour away or so, it's not too bad at all :)

    Yeah, I know about the rental scooters. Me and my bad arse bike will enjoy over taking them often :p and hopefully hooking up with some sexy tourists on the other nights.
  14. I'd kinda hoped the same about Yeppoon, but seems I'm in the wrong age bracket. Median tourist age would be 70 odd. Not comfortable playing quite THAT far outta my age group :p
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 70 yrs old, come on, juzzydee, you can take em ;) hahahahaha

    my tourists are actually my age and slightly older - VERY handy :D my brother said the girls were HAWT up there and he said "oh yeah, guys the same age too". My mum said, if she was 30 years older, she'd be permanently in a bikini sitting at the bar enjoying the eye candy :p
  16. Hahah yeah right, I'd cop a beating from their semi-invalid grey haired hubbies :p

    I'm thinking of a trek up to airlie in a few weeks though, might have to try my luck up there. The 45 mins i spent in Agnes on the weekend did seem to yield a good talent to time ratio though. May just have to book a weekend there at some point in time.
  17. last time i was in airlie there was plenty to look at. always a good hit-count there.

    i really should go back now everyone i hated at highschool has realized the place is shit and left......
  18. 50km is only half an hour on clear roads. A quarter of that that distance can take as long in a city. So, yeah, it really isn't that far if one measures it in the fourth dimension.

    Personally, I'd rather travel 100k on major roads in the country than 30k on major roads in the city :p.
  19. I hated Airlie Beach, all those young female backpackers lying round the lagoon wearing swim suits resembling dental floss, half dressed semi drunken girls falling out of boozie bars, and all those topless hussies on the boat trips out to Whitehaven, abso"bloody"lutely disgusting.

    Stayed for three weeks and it didn't improve... might go back again next year to see if it has got any better .. 8-[
  20. No worries Hol, i think the project starts in Dec there abouts. Not sure ill be on the first swing (hope not, means ill be working chrissy and new years if i am).

    Only got to stay at Airlie Beach when i was waiting for the fishing boats in the winter season... :(. No floss then.
    Maybe ill tell work not to fly me home after my first swing in gladstone, and get them to fly me to cairns instead. Bring the missus up and make a road trip of it on some hired bikes to get home again... as long as she wears her dental floss at airlie beach too :p.