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Do You Listen to Music when You Ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rashpocket, May 26, 2010.

  1. Yes

    30 vote(s)
  2. No

    18 vote(s)
  3. Sometimes

    28 vote(s)
  4. You Are a Crazy @#$%^&er if you do

    10 vote(s)
  1. I find that i ride better when iv got music crankin in my ears, mind you i think its important to hear what is around you, but when your in the 'zone' everything seems to fall into place and music, for me music puts me in the 'zone' more often than not.

  2. I tried this recently..
    As much of a mission as it was just getting the earbuds to stay in, I couldn't hear a damn thing over the exhaust noise.
    So I fiddled with the earbuds, turned the volume on my phone to max, and then i was officially deafened for a few seconds until I took off where it was still kinda difficult to hear over wind/engine noises on the highway.

    Not to mention the annoying feeling of earbuds half falling out under your helmet, and then having to remove them whenever stopped, and quickly so you can hear what people are saying as they try to tell you the main highway out of town is blocked for the whole night...

    I think I'll just invest in some ear plugs and then enjoy some silence :p
  3. On long highway rides, yes.
  4. i use those Ipod 'Clicky' ones where u can pause/skip/vol up & down on the cord and only needs to fingers to operate-can do it easily cruising @ 100kms
  5. I have trouble enough obeying the speed limit as it is without having "Danger Zone" or "Wanted Dead or Alive" blaring in my ears!

    Then there is the more sensible observation that motorcycling, especially fast road motorcycling, is dangerous enough as it is without adding (what I perceive to be) an additional layer of risk.
  6. I only ever put on ear-phone in. I leave the other out so I can hear traffic noises etc. I always leave my ipod unlocked, so if I need to hear what someone is saying I can pause it to hear more clearly.

    I listen to music about 50% of the time when riding. Almost always for longer rides.
  7. Majority of the time I ride with music on, using my phone as an MP3 player or the radio. I turn the volume up or down via the phone which sits in my pant pocket. Since it has the volume button on the side of the phone, I just have to push the right one to get it to go up or down. Haven't had issues while riding with the ear buds in...cancels some road noise and puts a bit of a tune in the ears. I do feel more focused with music...same goes for when I am driving.

    Was going to try doing that while racing...which I think is frowned upon because if I was to crash, I won't be able to hear shit from the paramedic.
  8. I specifically went out to buy ear-canal phones to block as much wind noise as possible while listening to music. As a result I can hear my iPod when the volume is no higher than normal conversation level. I can still hear the exhaust (I think mine is rather loud anyway) and I can hear other motorcyclists talking to me through their helmet and my own.
  9. Have done for yonks..way back when walkman was released..tape players chew up batteries like nothing else.
    Now I use a Samsung media player,15 hours of playback and several gigabytes of music..mind you I dont have it so loud that I cant hear traffic.For touring it's a must have, at constant highway speeds the drone of the engine is hypnotic...and boring.
    you do get some looks though at the lights as you tap your fingers..and have your head nodding.
  10. i only listen to music when im going on a boring long ride down a highway. in the twisties i dont because im too busy.
  11. I would if my headphones didn't fall out all the f*king time
  12. I put "sometimes". Longer trips (>40 minutes) yes, shorter trips not so much. I smack the pause button in times of increased stress/concentration, such as super-heavy traffic.

    Used to use isolation earphones (as much hearing protection as foam earplugs, but wif music too), now I have helmet speakers and wear regular foam earplugs instead.
  13. Not saying people should'nt use them,but I actually believe they can be too much of a distraction most of the time, especially around town. I need to hear the engine, feel the bike and pick up on the sound cues around me from other cars etc.
    Each to their own, but I think one uses them at their own peril, in or around the city..

    Having said that...on the long distance cruisy trips, it could be a way of combatting boredom, and the innattention that promotes.

    But I don't ride those longer trips, so I cannot speak from experience with those.
  14. I only listen to music on the open road, not around town.

    Although listening to Offsprings "No Brakes" on tight downhill twisties can be a bit freaky.
  15. A well-selected playlist can be great fun on loooooong trips (Syd->Melb, Syd->Brisbane, etc).

    When there's a good 'synergy' between what the road is doing and what the music is doing, it can be pretty exhilerating and fun. Certain tempos and styles of music suit sweeping roads, hilly roads, freeways and so on.

    There's a couple of albums and tracks which continually make it into my "interstate twisty chasing" playlists for that reason. :)
  16. well obviously u don't go to all the trouble of putting in earphones just to cruies down the street. im talking >45mins of riding as a 'Yes' i listen to music.
    Living in the Central West means there is literally little to none traffic on the roads, i dont know about you City Dwellers...
  17. I have recently started to listen to music while riding, I find it less of a distraction than I thought it would be, it probably keeps me more alert because it prevents boredom especially on longer rides
  18. I listen to the sweet music of four cylinders venting out a straight through pipe. :music:
  19. I can understand it for long highway stuff , but i would think it would subtract a few % of concentration in the twisties and commuting.
  20. I did "the lap" last year and listened the mp3 most of the way. When it comes to earphones I did a LOT of research b4 leaving. THE BEST earbuds are called skullcandy ink'd. Fit in and stay in with various size fittings in package. No pain and they never fell out in 20,000ks including putting on and removing helmet, shoei xv1000. Best of all they are $19.95 an I bought them from gurl mobile. Delivery free to rural Victoria. I position the mp3 so I can off it when i need more concentration ie aural as well as optical input. I also have a fitted headphone in the helmet for gps instructions, not necessary on long trips but really helpful to get through unfamliar cities/towns towing a trailer. No time to be looking down at a map or gps there.