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Do you listen to music as you ride?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Alli, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Just curious how many of you listen to music as you ride do you think it's dangerous or make the ride more enjoyable?
    I've just started doing it and find that I like to listen to different types of music depending on my mood

  2. If I'm smashing out the miles or on roads I know I'll have music on, however if the road demands all of my attention it gets turned off as I find it distracting
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  3. Subtle!!!
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  4. Yup, listen to music. Oddly, I concentrate more with music in the background than without.
  5. Sometimes I listen to audio books or podcasts on the road. I'll listen mainly while on highways, during the daytime and in good weather.

    For me, listening to few episodes of Conversations or Soundproof is a good way to travel between towns on a sunny day.
  6. Yes, keeps me calm..i listen to alot of classical music , think bethoven :)
  7. Most definitely. In fact, I get nervy if I'm either not listening to music or talking to someone. Love my Sena.
  8. Quite a lot, but I've found it not so good to listen to Nine Inch Nails when in heavy traffic, tends to make one a bit aggressive wot! ;)
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  9. Yes, on long trips/long freeway commutes. Flick it off for the twisties and generally off through the city too.
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  10. Think you need to change it up to celine dion might help with that parking skills of yours :p
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  11. very early sunday morning ride, mornington penninsula victoria. mp3 playing joe cocker via earbuds. me singing. life is about as good as it gets. the animals in the paddocks just look at me in disbelief. the aldi bluetooth and phone just not loud enough.
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  12. Sure do.. and now when I hear certain songs it brings back memories of roads long since travelled and trips and places previously enjoyed.
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  13. Nope. The engine, what I can hear of it through helmet, earplugs, and wind noise, is music enough for me.
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  14. That's what caused it in the first place!
  15. no
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  16. Wow, talk about being overly verbose! ;)
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  17. Never, I love music and find myself drifting in to it.
    Bloody dangerous situation with almost no concentration on riding.
    I won't do it.
    If you are fully aware of the ride you won't hear the music anyway.
  18. Yep, great idea, lets. :D
  19. Always listen to music - I don't hear it though when the road or ride gets demanding though, just tunes out. Tunes back in when pootling around