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Do you listen to an ipod or other music on your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Abo Bob, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. As above.

    Also, do the standard ipod headphones fall out when you put your helmet on? My ones get knocked out so I can't use them but they are not standard. I just wanted to find out before I repurchase the standard ones as they are quite expensive.
  2. try searching on this subject there is a huge thread or two about it somwhere.
  3. Gets a good set of Shures or Etymotic sound isolating ones and youll be sweet :grin:
  4. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=30828&highlight=



    I don't use "normal" earphones because I need hearing protection from the wind noise.

    On long freeway trips I use Etymotic ER-6i isolator earphones, which are in-ear monitors. Shure is another brand which makes high quality isolator earphones.

    They don't fall out of the ear (because they are slid deep into the ear canal like ordinary earplugs), though I have to be careful when removing my helmet so that I don't bump them uncomfortably.

    Alternately you could fit thin speakers inside your helmet and wear foam earplugs underneath. :)

    The advantage of isolators is that good isolators like Etymotic and Shure reduce noise levels by about the same as proper foam earplugs. You can still hear everything - wind noise, bike noise, etc - it's just a bit quieter. That way you protect your hearing from wind and muffler noise and also don't need the music up as loud to be able to hear it. They also work really well at the airport when you're surrounded by screaming children.

    (Foam earplugs and in-helmet speakers would also work for riding)

    Remember, kids - Loud music might sound nicer than deafening wind noise, but just because it sounds nice doesn't mean it won't have permanently damaged your hearing 10 years down the track.
  5. :lastyear: :music:
  6. I listen to my Yoshi pipe...
  7. I wasn't riding a bike last year...

    Ok thanks for the words and the links. I've found what I'm looking for now although I didn't realise that's what I was looking for when I started the thread.
  8. hey another person from SAU on netrider! lol. somewhat of a natural progression eh...
  9. I've noticed a few of us. :grin:

    I love how my $2700 bike does the quarter (according to factory specs, not tested yet) in about the same time as my Skyline which I bought for $38k and spent god knows how much on. Let's just say I lost count sometime after $20k of mods and repairs...

    Who are you on there?
  10. i go by kursed everywhere. i've had a nissan thing for years... had 2x s13's, s14a, 180sx, cefiro, R33.... decided to buy an apartment and suddenly all the money I spent on the nissan family loomed over me and I made the decision to finally try out bikes - something I have been wanting to do for years... So I have just sold the R33 and booked myself in for my L's in 2 weeks...
    What bike are you riding?
  11. I had trouble with my standard "bud" style earphones falling out while putting the helmet on as well... And unfortunately for me the Canal-phones (the ones which Spots mentioned) give me an earache.
    Then I tried something similar to this:-

    The hook/loop thing makes it stay in your ear when putting your helmet on, but be warned it is a delicate procedure for removal if you want your ears to remain on the side of your head, and not a permanent fixture of your helmet! also they do not provide any noise cancellation.

    also, If you are going to wear your MP3 player while riding, take a little tiny plastic baggie so that if it rains, it won't get wet.
  12. I just stick my mp3 player in my pocket. Only problem with that is I play a lot of stuff I don't know well, and can't check the track name on the fly - maybe I need to velcro it to the tank or something.

    I use it maybe 20% of the time or so, and more for cruisy commutes than for any fun riding.

    And the Creative noise isolators work well, at about a third of the price of the Shures and Etymotics.

    Edit: woo, post 900

    Edit2: and make sure the cord is long enough to allow you to turn your head easily, and doesn't get caught anywhere
  13. Thanks Lectre but after reading those links on the noise involved even before you add music to the equation I'm going to get the custom noise cancelling ones for $200.

    Kursed, I've got a TDM850. I'm quite tall so it suits me well. The handle bars go just over most mirrors except for 4wd's and the latest commonwhores. It's torquey and for the size can be thrown around fairly easily. I doubt it's saving me money yet since I still have the R34 and even long term I think the bike maintenance costs will compensate for the money saved on petrol but maybe it's cost neutral except for purchase price and it's great fun.
  14. Which model are those ones? Had a quick look at the Creative website, and the only ones I could see use the basic rubber in-ear plugs, like the Sony ones. I've got the Sony EX71SL canalphones, but find them to be fairly limited in their isolation capability, and not effective enough for safe use over long periods. What sort of isolation (in terms of d8) do the Creative ones provide?

    I've been toying with forking out for the Etymotics - the 30-40dB noise reduction sounds like just what I'm looking for. Unfortunately the price is a little restrictive. ;)
  15. i too listen to the pipe...i can never imagine riding while listening to music...
  16. Ok so here's a tip for wearing bud earphones with your helmet... *drumroll*

    Put them in with the wire pointing upwards (ie upside down) and run the wire up and and over the back of your ear. If anything slipping your helmet on will actually secure the buds in place.

  17. any long rides i always listen to music with my mp3. i havnt got any decent ear phones yet but u can get some good ones. if there not in the right spot they hurt like hell. but i sometimes just sit them in the lining of my helmet and crank the music up really loud. spiderbait all the way!!! :LOL:
  18. Probably suggest noobs not to do this. If you must, have it loud so you can hear it at the lights but only just while riding...