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Do you like your job?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all. I met someone today who was obviously very much in love with their job...(worked in a department at the State Library of Victoria). She had to speak to us (class) about the department she works in and her enthusiasm was huge..she was full of passion for her position and what she does and the library materials she works with and she spoke of all the wonderful avenues us library technician students can go down once we've finished our studies. And to top it off, she recommended to us to get into conservation and preservation...which is my plan anyway. :)

    We walked away from there totally inspired by her enthusiasm and her passion.

    I hope one day/know one day that I'll be feeling as lucky as her.

    So anyway, this has me wondering.

    Do you like your job? Can you see yourself doing it for the rest of your life? Do you look forward to going to work?

  2. Hmm rosie teaching internationals how to cook
    nah not for the rest of my life :roll:
  3. YES!! After 16 years in the illusory world of IT sales, where the carrot is always out of reach, but the stick is a daily reality, I am now using these skills as the IT consultant at a behaviour unit school. And that's not all; I have applied to be appointed as the school's Chaplain as well. My two best skills in daily use, and I get paid to do it.
  4. Definitely yes.

    What I do and where I work is unique and there is nothing else like it. I can definitely see myself doing it for quite awhile, so much to learn.
  5. I like my job. For a uni job it can't get much better.

    20 hours a week, great people to work with, easy job, lots of time to chat on msn/browse net/whatver, plus they feed us nice sandwiches every day. Hours fit well with uni, they are flexible for when to work, its part time too so I get holiday and sick leave. Super is more than I expected too (like 30% of my weeks pay :S, is that good?).

    Couldn't see myself doing it forever thats for sure. But its definitely a keeper for the rest of uni (1.5years ish), and maybe part time after then until I get a proper job in digital media industry.
  6. Honestly if i could do something different i would. But my job pays to well and supports my spending sprees.. :twisted: Oh and the Company car, mobile phone and credit card helps as well .. :grin:
  7. Ditto :grin: , get paid shitte loads and good at it. But a life of luxury to choose a passion in a job would be great!
  8. I work in an area that is so unique and interesting, so naturally I love it. There are days when you would just like to stay home, but when I get to work, I forget all about that.

    I am also starting a business in an area that is my hobby and passion, so who could ask for more :grin:
  9. I still don't know exactly what I want to do :roll: , but I know I'm getting closer. I like my job in some ways, but its less appealing these days. My work/life balance is very heavily skewed the work way these days, and with a demanding husband and puppy to look after :wink: I am starting to strongly dislike the hours rather than the job.
  10. mmm...I enjoy my job. :grin:
  11. :-k mmmmm,Lemme see, like most people Rosie, I would say bits yay :dance: , and bits nay [-( I work with mostly pretty cool people and at least 3-4 times and 1-2 hours a day, we end up doing this :rofl: As I sit in a lonely hotel room in Tassie for the 4th night away from my love :cry: those bits suck bigstyle. A planned 5 weeks straight away, all over the country in more lonely hotel rooms, with managers who dont even seem to give it a 2nd thought, and then question expenses :evil: those bits suck too.
    Getting to see the country on the companies dime :grin: that bit I love. But Im on a bit of a downer with my company at mo :? As we always say at work "This job would be great if it wasnt for the customers" :LOL: On the whole, I would have to say I like it :grin: Job for life :? me thinks not
  12. I have 2 jobs.

    Job No1- It's good, I get to work at home, be with the people I love and pretty much do what I want, look after my boy, take/pick up from school etc.

    Job No2- It's OK, really do it to get myself out of the house and to pay for my hobbies,(like new bikes and track bikes), I'm able to work when I want and stay home(go for a ride) when I want, so it's pretty cool.

    All up, life's pretty sweet right now. Sure beats 7days per week I was 2 yrs ago in retail.
  13. luvit. always dreamed of running my own business and hoped to make some small difference to peoples lives and am living that dream daily. i get tired and stressed, but there's almost no greater joy for me than being face-to-face with clients, watching the a-ha moments and seeing them grow in skill and confidence. way cool :wink:
  14. I love my job. I work from home, which means plenty of time with my kids. My boss is 350km away, which gives me heaps of autonomy. The work has enough challenges to keep it interesting and finally, I earn enough to allow Rach to stay at home with the kids (and have a toy in the carport).
  15. So great to see people who love their job, I do too! Just a shame it's in Canberra!
    I studied and will be paying HECS till I die, but at least I'll never be one of those people who turns up at work on Monday morning and says "Is it Friday yet?" Imagine spending your whole life waiting for 5pm Friday, I feel sorry for those who feel stuck like that
  16. Don't I wish.......

    Am looking for a new one but!
  17. hmmm....
    I want to kill some of the customers and I want to kill some of the staff members.
    Well killing them is a bit too excessive.
    I find it very frustrating working where I do.
    Hate the hours and but the pay is alright.

    But I can't see myself doing anything else.
  18. It's ok. I mean, it's fairly cruisy, but it can get boring and the overnight shifts are a struggle, especially 7 days of them. But it's only my 1st full time job, I can manage it with full-time uni, and I'm basically treating it as a stepping stone to something better, something to have on the resume.
  19. I'am an apprentice (plumbing and gasfitting) and working towards the day when i can tell the boss to "take this job and shove it". :mad: Too old to take orders anymore! Have the determination and motivation to create a sucessful business, for now just bidding my time... :) It's a means to an end!
  20. my job is pretty interesting and you get to work with alot of other government departments as well as part and parcel of doing your own job

    but if I could lessor the amount of women in each section and add more males I would be more happy.....less back biting and biatch!n

    oh and good looking window cleaners like that old Coke ad would be nice too :LOL: