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Do you like Nick Kyrgios?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Danhendo888, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Why all the hate/jealousy from the media?
    He's a young, Aussie tennis prodigy who, according to his record breaking or equaling achievements when compared to the likes of Federer and Nadal, is on the path to becoming the next dominant world number one and not to mention, very, very rich.
    Personally, I love his on court antics and performances, it's good television and he's passionate and he's bloody good at what he does!
    On the other hand, this publicity is great for the PR firms that may collaborate with him in the future, boosting his profile, sponsorship deals and so forth.
    The media is prolly being a bit tough on him. Not every human being alive is a role model and certainly not at every stage in their life. He's young, give him a break.

  2. Compare Pat Rafter to John Mcenroe and thats the difference.If he had a brain he might see getting ugly to the pr advantages to being more Rafter like.
    There used to be a thing called good sportsmanship,nobody seems to understand what that means anymore,win al all costs, be a primadonna ,
    expect special treatment just because your good at hitting a ball.And being young is NO EXCUSE.
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  3. He got into the lime light too early. He got one lucky game and the media have built him up to be the next Federer for which he is a long way off from becoming yet. I personally find him a bit of twat but that probably has to do with him feeling a bit of the pressure now because he has gone from a no name to a big star in a short amount of time. As usual the media are to blame. I wish him all the best to get his temper and smartness under control and get back to concentrating on the game.
  4. What kind of bike does he ride?
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  5. Tennis Australia seems to be making a habit out of producing self indulgent wankers who can't quite cut it when the chips are down.
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  6. I was thinking more along these lines also.
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  7. He wears pink headphones, I'm still not sure how I feel about that.
  8. Pfft, how many years ago did McEnroe quit and people still talk about him and he still gets invitations? Compare that to Pat Who is that Rafter modelling jocks.
  9. As a person I can't say because I don't know him. As a sportsman I think he's an immature jerk who chucks a tanty when things don't go his way.
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  10. McEnroe does have a few more Grand Slams up his sleeve. Not only that McEnroe used it to motivate himself. Kyrios seems to be using it as an excuse.
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  11. He get's paid to hit balls......

    Hmmm....not a fan.
  12. Na
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  13. He is the king of Sportsmanshit,
    i feel embarrassed for Australia watching the negative nature of him at times, i think he'd play way better if he could control that anger and use it to his advantage.
    Dont get me wrong its entertaining at times but a bit over the top and sometimes painfull to watch.
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  14. I wish we could all move on from thinking that any of these guys are doing their best for Ozstraya
    I don't even understand why they bother putting what country any tennis player was born in or represents on the board. Most live in the US or where ever they can minimise tax...Monaco Bahamas etc etc.
    They are there to make a buck and get sponsors end of story.
    Good luck to them but they are so not there representing Australia. They are there for their bank balances and it shits me to tears that sports and little turds like him, get funded to the hilt with tax payers' money and science and medicine gets next to fcuk all!

    Make the bastards pay HECS or have to pay back the money invested in them by AIS or Tennis Australia once they earn a certain amount.
    Every other person getting "supported" in their training through unis and the like have to so why not these surly little turds?
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  15. Doesn't that describe Rafter? I could be wrong but I think I recall that he was domiciled in some place else (Bermuda?) for the time the thieving unpatriotic tax dodger was making the big bucks. Unlike Hewitt who was always a tax paying Aussie.

    But back on topic, who really cares how an elite athlete behaves? Fake nice guy, genuine arsehole, the whole "role model" thing is just rubbish. He's an Aussie, I hope he does well!
  16. So the fact that someone is an Australian national and is playing a sport is all that is relevant? He isn't representing Australia at all. He is there for himself. No one else. Good on him.
    If it was a final between Kyrgios and Federer I would be backing Federer all the way.
    They play Davis Cup for TA brownie points..same with Fed Cup...hopman Cup etc.
    At least Rafter has a number of ongoing philanthropic ventures that are still helping out Australian kids in hospitals and schools.
  17. Meh, Cash was a twat as was Hewitt at that age, Hewitt called an umpire a spastic, racially abused another as did Cash.
    Macenroe abused all and sundry
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  18. Not saying its an excuse but.....if all you ever dreamed of was being a professional tennis player, you worked your ass off and then some, then it happens even though you've probably had many around you telling you you're a fool for having the dream, well I can see why some of these guys get the arrogance they do.