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Do you like motorcycling video games?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. I do not.

    I recently ahhh 'acquired' a prerelease copy of the new SBK08 Superbikes Game for Xbox 360.


    Many gamers would rejoice at receiving a copy of anything before anyone else does... earlier is better! You are special and awesome! You have a chance to get some good practice in to be the best at it when it finally comes out and your mates get copies...


    I played it for 5 minutes.
    ... and 3 of those minutes were spent just trying to see if I could make the bike explode if you hit a wall hard enough.


    ... you can't.

    I haven't ever enjoyed playing a riding game - I find the game-play more frustrating than state politics.
    -Zero sense of speed... either what you're doing or what you SHOULD be doing for the upcoming corner. Going too slow and sharp, or just running wide and then being screwed for the race.

    And just when I've failed the tutorial twice in a row and think my errors of judgement can't possibly get any worse, the first track-race you get: it's raining.


    Come to think of it, I haven't like ANY "sports" games since the bonus Pong game in Commander Keen 4: Galaxies... and if you don't remember/know of that; Get off my lawn.

    So software companies can keep their football, and hockey, and soccer, and basketball, and motorcycles - and I'll just hang on to my hard-earned rather than purchase your games... coz if you can't pick up a light-sabre or a shotgun in it: you're wasting my time.
  2. As a game - no, most are either ridiculously difficult at the higher levels, or far too simple and "arcadey".

    However a decent riding simulation, which lets you modify and tweak the bike with realistic results, would be good. Tourist Trophy may have come close had they actually bothered to finish it before release, and importantly allowed for things like the back wheel to lose traction (for those times when you just feel like stuffing around). I know I've spent many hours on GT just trying to fine tune things like suspension and found that a lot more interesting than the actual racing events, which feel more like just a chore that needs to be done to get the cash for more cars/parts to play with.
  3. Tourist trophy isn't bad... But what I rooooly rooooly like is getting on a motorcycle in a grand theft auto game. I can spend hours fart-arsing about doing 3km wheelies and pulling outrageous jumps off staircases. Oh, and doing handbrake turns in the corners.
  4. +1

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City (or San Andreas) = Ghostrider, The Videogame!
  5. Tourist Trophy has to be the best of the pick, IMO.
  6. I play MotoGP 07 .. isnt' bad
    Haven't looked at tourist trophy as yet
  7. Riding Spirits 2 was better as far as the number of bikes available (over 300) and the extent to which you could modify them - also featured some decent Supermoto bikes and circuits. Was just let down by average graphics, crap sound, and absolutely appalling AI in racing events. If you could combine the two games though you'd have something pretty close to perfect.
  8. tourist trophy is pretty good..
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    tourist trophy


    got the busa to 328kph on the nubergring

    its the most real life game for bikes,
    its a shame you cant race the cars from gran turismo, the game could be that much better
  10. well i can see your problem ktulu, everyone knows you can't take a ducati out in the rain

    i really don't mind motogp07 at all, haven't had to many problems with relaism other then not being able to explode the bike again a wall feels good to thrash stoner and rossi on expert :LOL:
  11. No sense of speed is a huge issue. Thats why I love burnout; when you're goingn fast you really know it.
  12. I've been enjoying this one of late:

    It's still in the early stages of development; so there's only one track (which looks suspiciously like Lime Rock) and one bike. I really like the physics in it, even if it took me a while to do a complete lap without crashing. :grin:
  13. i have tourist trophy and SKB07 for PS2.

    tourist trophy is my pick of the two for many reasons, but SBK offers more realistic wheel lock ups, traction losses, tyre wear, etc.

    if they combined the best atributes of the two, it would make for a good game!

    ~340km/h is my top speed on the ring. gearing it up is where it's at!
  14. Burnout's cool. At least you can explode stuff and the crash physics are fun.

    Lots of replayability and quick competition with the "Who can do the most $damage" levels.
  15. TT is fun. One of the best riding/driving games ever. Currently have time trials for different categories of bike. Very nerd, but fun.
  16. they do need to work on crash physics.
    having fairing crack off the bikes would be good.
  17. Nightmare for the programmers though as it's a whole lot of extra polygons to draw for what's really just novelty value - since it's unlikely they could ever do truly accurate damage modelling with anything short of a super-computer.
    I'd much prefer that time to go into more detailed bikes, or a greater variety to choose from. Bizarre combinations, like pitting an 1800cc cruiser against a 250 sports, are always fun for 2-player/online racing.
  18. Nah, just needs explosions... trail of burning fuel in the wake of the bike... landing a Yamasaki fireball in the crowd would be good fun, too.
  19. I Bought a PS2 just so i could play tourest trophy. I thought it was pretty good given how complicated it is to map a riders physical inputs to a hand held controller. It is the only bike game I've played that gives you a feel of how the different bikes behave.

    My only gripe with GTA is that all the sportsbikes are identical. But it is a great game. I can walk around in GTA shooting the tyres out of cars all day, watching them swerve out of control hehe.
  20. Getting oldskool - I do enjoy a bit of Motocross Madness on the computer - nothing really speccy, but just fun.

    The bike in the Midnight Madness 2 demo (which is probably still downloadable - and we never bought the game, just played the crap out of the demo) is a lot of fun, and so vastly superior to the cars in the same game... that it's almost realistic! (Turn off the music in the demo, though, if you value your sanity... oh wait, I'm talking to Netriders...)

    For car racing and general irresponsibility I've been loving Trackmania Nations Forever (free from Steam if you have some of the Half-life games). I'd *love* to see bikes added to those insane tracks.