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Do you like mind puzzles, try this.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Honestly, 7 out of 8. Being jet-lagged to heck, I missed an important statement in one of the questions. Ultimately I knew the correct answer, if I had bothered to read it properly.
  2. Ditto as per Cathar 7 out of 8, except that I missed an important statement in a question coz I wasn't paying attention and was doing other stuff as well as this quiz (that's my excuse anyway :)
  3. I got 6 but I had to really, really concentrate [​IMG] :LOL:
  4. ditto. but ken got the other 2 for me :grin: teamwork :p
  5. 8 here, but mum said i was special :LOL:
  6. yep 6 here aswell
  7. Hang on, wait wait, I don't get it... am I supposed to 'click' the link???
  8. Miss read Q 2 but the other easy. luv how they said Q3 "but it's hard to work out in your head" LOL. realy???
  9. 7 out of 8 :shock: :? I am just full of surprises!!! I was with him on the right angled triangle....they should make sure they have all the figures correct before doing these tests!!
  10. 7/8- surprised myself considering that I can't even seem to remember my last name lately :grin:
  11. 8 out of 8..........easy! :LOL:
  12. You cheat Jeff!!!! :evil:
    No way is a boy gonna beat me-
    I am going back to do it again! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    (And, yes I am blonde, despite the test results :grin: )
  13. 7/8, missed the 'hour hand' one.
  14. Jesus, and I thought getting 5 was good :p

    I missed the clock one too cuz I was thinking about the minute hand not the hour hand :p
  15. I have been called many things, but I haven't been refered to as "a boy" for a long time!! :cool:

    Bring on more :LOL:
  16. Sorry Jeff- forgot you were old (even older than me in fact!) :LOL:
    BTW- I call anyone that isn't female a boy, don't take it as a personal compliment (it is a bad habit that I am working to rectify):grin:
  17. You can call me "boy" I don't mind....
    You know like: Oboy, Good Boy,,,,,, :p
  18. You boys are just trying to get me to say something I will regret.
    You didn't do the quiz tramp??? Or are you afraid to tell us your result?? :p