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Do you like it on top.......

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Iffracem, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. and get all intimate, leaning forward, with the throbbing bits between the thighs?
    Or do you sit up and beg, preferring to "squat" on your ride
    Maybe you lie back and just enjoy the ride ??

    Of course I'm enquiring about the position you prefer to ride your BIKE.

    I'm getting older, back and knee injuries catching up with me, and am starting to really think the sit up and beg style of the tourer, or retro style like the Trumpy Bonneville will be my thing. The Across isn't a radical sportsbike position by a long way, but I much prefer the position of my friend(s) Trumpy (Bonneville) and Guzzi (Nevada).

    So, what's your preferred position? lying forward on top the tank with the pegs behing your bum as in sportsbike, more upright with pegs below or just in front of your hips, or laying back with the feet out in front, takin' it eeeezy (ape-hangers are optional)

  2. 1 vote for traditional naked bike position here (no surprises, I guess!)
    I have a 1228km ride in one day and no aches and pains the next day from a 56 year old body to substantiate the claim....
  3. Like Hornet, I vote for the traditional 'upright' riding position if you intend to spend a reasonable time in the saddle. However, if you go too far, ie a 'Bro' style feet forward position, you definitely sacrifice an element of control 'finessee' and comfort on longer rides. I fitted risers to my BMW that lifted the bars about 1.5", and am very happy with them. If you want to go even more upright and still retain comfort and controllability, I think a fairing or screen is required. Just one blokes opinion though.
  4. For long distances I like the Monster position.
    For the track I'd prefer a more sports bike position.
    I was offered a test ride of a 999 a couple of years ago. Spent two and a half hours on it and found it was begging me to hang off and go fast. Didn't feel too sore afterwards either. Which is a good thing. :D :D :D
  5. For me lying on the tank is the only way to go - have tried bikes with an upright riding position but they just feel "wrong" somehow (used a CB250 to get my licence - kept putting my feet on the crash bar and trying to change gears using the footpeg).
  6. If they could make a motorbike that felt like a recliner I think I'd be very happy on long rides :p