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Do you like ABS Plastic?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Dupster, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Anyone know if this stuff is any good? I wanna replace some of the crappy fairings from my R6 and I pulled out 700bux at the pokies during lunch yesterday so....


    I read on wiki that its pretty strong stuff so im gathering that it what they probably use anyway?
  2. Yep, ABS is the material typically used for factory fairings.
    Of course there's a lot of variation in ABS, and "high grade" means nothing.
  3. What he said.

    That's also a good price if it's real ABS.
  4. i thought most bike fairings were ABS anyway.
  5. yeah I'm thinking its gotta be better than these fairings and I have a guy with a 2000 model R6 and mine looks cr@p next to his :)
  6. ABS is great, i like it cause its the easiest to repair.

    Althou most modern bikes are pa+ppe or abs+pa for sides and abs nose and cowl.

    the mould and paint job will make the big diffrence to how your bike looks and with 700$ fairings it will prolly still look shit. get the dearer fairing they are worth it.
  7. they are chinese vac formed out of a flat sheet of abs with all the lugs glued on(as opposed to injection moulded abs which is original on all bikes) .....there cheap....and reflect that in both there fitment and paintwork
  8. Yeah I have a yamaha dealer pricing a fairing set, should get a price back on Friday.
  9. 2grand me thinks
    if not more
  10. Wow. Did you hear the maniacle laughter after you left the building?
  11. You might want to check out www.streetglass.com.au

    As I am yet to purchase a replacement set of fairing for my own bike I can't vouch for their quality etc.


    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  12. Thx for the link :)

    @ iblast, no but the sound of the face palm at your reply was defening
  13. :?

    So (seriously) what was the quote from Yamaha?
  14. $2360 and excludes the screen. So I'm guessing if I can get a set for less than a grand they are probably gonna be a POS....
  15. I've heard they're not *too* bad - provided you're willing to spend a day getting the f*ckers to fit. You've got to drill your own holes etc. Why not check around the wreckers, you can often find fairings there in good nick for a lot cheaper than new - and then you can get whatever paint job you want.
  16. Don't let the price of the Yamaha ones lead you to think it has anything to do with quality. The price of spares is what they think they can get for it. And that is in an insurance driven market.

    It may still be the aftermarket items are better quality than the Yamaha ones (not saying it is).
  17. Yeah you have a point, I might contact a few of these places and see if I can see these aftermarket ones in person somewhere...