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Do you let others ride your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. A friend offered to ride my bike out to some place where I can practice for my Ls. It was a nice gesture and all but I said no thanks and that I'd rather just wait till I get my Ls....to which she replied I may not get my Ls....pfft...pessimist :roll: :grin:

    Why did I say no?

    For starters...I don't trust her with my bike, reasons being:

    She has her licence but hasn't ridden for quite a few years.
    She's the type of person where if you buy a pair of brand new white sneakers she'll stand on them to 'christen' them.
    I have images of her dropping my bike and picking it up and saying 'ah well...it was gonna happen anyway...blah blah'.

    Secondly, I'd like to be the first person to actually ride my bike. :)
    Might seem silly but to me it's not. My first ride on it will be its first ride too. *shrugs* I like the thought of that.

    Thirdly, I've decided I don't want to take my bike out on the roads - even if it is in some quiet location - until I have a bit more knowledge on what I'm doing. The guys at DECA are going to teach me what I need to know...I consider myself a good learner...and I'm determined... :) . For the moment I'm cool with doing my 'driveway runs'.
    Why take unnecessary risks? It's only another week and a half away.

    And fourthly....I'd be just a little jealous seeing someone else ride it before me.

    I think she was offended... :) Oh well...she'll just have to get her own. :cool:
  2. There's a select number of people I'd throw my key to withoout hesitation. The rest of y'all can biatch it if you want a ride!
  3. your right mate, only people who get to ride my bike is my bro's because if they crash i can make them pay me. Friends on the other hand its a bit iffy. Plus ive seen some of them ride and they dont really take care of their bike so you'd know whats going to happen to mine.

    Plus you want to be able to ride your 'new' bike. Take it up and down the drive way IMO
  4. I let guys at the Firestation ride my bike. I just tell em "You break it, you bought it". Serriously though thats why I have insurance for. I ride my dads bike regularly and as I told him. If I bin it I will fix it.

    I myself won't ask to ride anyone elses bike. It's just something thats not done. If they offer a ride then sure but don't ask.

    I won't let people ride my bike if they don't treat theirs with respect or are a newbie. But seasoned riders who are mates? Yeah no worries.
  5. I can count the number of people other than me who I will let ride my bike on 1 finger.
  6. They are all good points and I would agree that if it was my new bike, whether brand new or second hand I would like to be the first one to ride it.

    Having said that I know people who have bought bike and haven't been able to take them home themselves so someone else has had to "deliver" there bike (eg. I rode Wedge's bike up the coast for him cos he didn't have his licence yet, and a mate of mine rode Fluffy Donkey's bike home cos he had a busted leg, from crashing my bike. :) )

    So I can understand why you would like to be the first on your bike and why you said no. Still personally I would give the keys to any one I knew and felt that they would be confident. so long as they know that if they break it or even just scratch it they are paying for the repairs.

    Rosie, keep those keys away from everyone untill you get to ride it. :)
  7. Hiya V7 :grin:
    Your bike is your pride and joy, it's your "baby" :grin: she is precious!
    If I remember rightly, your bike is brand new, so I don't blame you for not letting your friend ride her.
    I figure it is simialr to new parents letting someone mind their newborn within the first few months of life, they just don't do it :)

    I have let a close friend ride my bike, but I was pillion at the time,(his bike was in for a service and we went to pick it up) and I have ridden with this guy for thousands of km's and in doing so I have learnt that he is an excellent rider, and also takes great pride in his own bike.
    I have also let my brother and my step father ride my bike, but I trust them with her, and since they are the ones that taught me to ride in the first place it doesn't concern me ....much :roll:
    I had to let my brother ride my bike home for me when I bought her, he also was the one to take her for a test ride.

    Occassionally I wake up to find the helmet missing from its "spot" and that means my bike is also missing from her "spot" .......
    My brother sometimes takes her for a squirt to my mums (3kms away) I don't mind really, as long as he is not too far away that I can't get him to return home if I feel the sudden urge to go for a squirt myself.
    I wouldn't let people ride my bike unless I was 100% confident in their riding ability, and that they are aware that if they trash it....they own it!
  8. Yeah...I hear ya - I wouldnt want anyone riding my bike before I had a go if at all possible...however...

    My srx250 was ridden by someone else first and yeah kinda sucked a bit...I had passed my l's in september and didnt get my bike until december - and the collection woulda meant a ride across melbourne city centre - which in no way shape or form i could have done after three months with no practice...so I got a friend to ride it for me...

    My sv650 - I was gonna ride it back from dealership - but was nervous bout riding bigger bike - and we had torrential downpour on that day...so I got a mate to ride that one home for me too...geez I sound like a right whinging jessy hey :oops:

    But now, there are certain people I would have no hesitation giving the keys to my bike to...but there are also people I wouldnt...

    Its definately a case of 'dont ask as a refusal may cause offence' hehe...wait to be asked if you wanna have a go...

    I go on holiday soon for five weeks and am leaving my bike for a good friend to ride while i'm away - know she'll look after it like it were her own...so dont have a problem with that at all...but same again, I asked her if she wanted to use my bike while I was away, she didnt ask me...and funnily enough she said yes :grin:
  9. Yeah sure.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. DITTO

    Same reason why I select very carefully the people I go riding with, some people just ooooooooze bad karma and make everyone else fall over, while they stay upright ....

    Hey Loz

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  11. I think Loz's bad karma is over.... :grin:
    I survived yesterdays little jaunt in the city, although the dude in that black sports car that pulled out in front of us as we turned a corner on the way home nearly got to wear Loz in his side panel :shock:
  12. let me clarify a little..
    my BF rode my two fiddy home for me when I bought it cause i didn't have my licence yet (it was a sunday, got the licence monday)
    he is the only person who's ridden that except me
    though I would let my dad ride it

    however no-one except me & my BF will ever ride the hornet 600 - that thing is my baby that I customised from the ground up. no way i'm letting my crazy old man ride it!
  13. I think its better not to let other people ride your bike even if they are capable the cager next to them may not be.Its better to keep freinds than having conversations like when will you have the money to fix my bike, ohh well i will have some of it next week and the rest later :shock: While the sun is shining and you have no bike :cry: And i would not ride anybody elses,and i certainly do not pillion on anybodys bike :cool:
  14. I let my wife and thats it (still not keen on it thou) she is the one who would have to put up with my bitchin if she bins it. :twisted:
  15. Others oooooooooooze bad gags :grin:
  16. pfft, who would want to ride a Motard anyway... :grin:
  17. Pretty much anyone who I think wont drop it and shows an interest.

    See what they ride, make sure they have full licence, and chuck em the keys.
  18. I let certain mates ride mine. Only the ones i know can afford to give me the money for it if they bin it...
  19. :WStupid:
  20. Before I did my prelearner course I promised my best friend I'd teach him and he could share my bike. After I did the prelearners I realised how much is really involved in riding and instantly changed my mind. I'm in narrabeen and bought my bike at action in parramatta, at which point I had only done the prelearners with no other experience. So dad had to ride it home for me, even though he hadn't ridden in 30something years, he said it was if he never got off :)

    But apart from him and maybe a few friend's dads, I wouldn't let others ride it.