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Do you leave your ventura bag on the bike at all time?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cash, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Just a general question to get a feel of how often they get stolen..

    For people with ventura rack and bag, I was wondering how many of you actually take the bag with you to your workplace or do you just leave them on the bike... They are not cheap at all.. over $100 for a new one if they get stolen..

    If you don't take it with you, obviously you lock them up to the rack with some sort of hard wire cable or lock. Where do you get it from? I've checked BigW or Kmart, those bicycle type hard wire looks a big chunky.

    Also, if leave them on the bike even with the cable and lock, do they get stolen often?
  2. I never leave mine on the bike- it always goes with me.
  3. Hell no - it comes with me. Don't care if it is a pain to lug around.
  4. Take it with me all the time.
    You'd take a big risk to leave it on the bike.
  5. I leave mine on the bike all the time, secured by a padlock. The bags are actually designed to be locked on - the loop of extra strap can be secured to the plastic d-ring near the clip with a padlock (use another one to keep the zips closed). Obviously not going to stop someone from simply cutting the lock off but at least discourages opportunistic theft.
  6. Only leave mine on if still in site or only out of site for a minute. Use lock thru loops. If you want to leave your bag on all the time try pacsafe exomesh www.exomesh.com. It's a stainless steel cable mesh, made in different sizes cost is between 60 and 120 depending on the size you want.
  7. Pacsafe make motorcycle-specific bags as well as stuff for hiking etc. But IIRC, a bike bag is >$300, although they seem quite well thought out.

    I have a large Ventura bag that I only leave with the bike if I'm nearby and won't be away from it for too long. The plastic D-ring you can use to padlock the bag to the bike isn't going to stop someone from taking it, and won't slow them down for more than about 30 seconds if they're determined.
  8. I leave mine on all the time (in the country though) but padlock it when heading to populated areas.
  9. unless i can see it and am in very close proximity it tends to stay on otherwise i take it with me.
  10. i always took it, put helmet in it :)

  11. +1
  12. I have a small "bread-box" type Ventura which I bought on eBay for $50.00 (including the low-rise rack bar)


    It's not got room for lots of stuff, but I have my wet-weather pants and gloves, my disk lock, my plastic sidestand puck, earplugs, a notebook and pen, and general guff in it, and it stays on the bike all the time. I know it's a risk that someone will either steal it or its contents, but there you are.....
  13. I always take mine. My rack got stolen recently so i don't trust anyone to leave it.