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Do you laugh cry or just shake your head?!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Male cop caught in a G-string

    A CROSS-dressing police officer was caught alone in his car in a black ladies G-string, bra and six-inch high heels while committing an "offensive act", a court heard yesterday.

    With his uniform on the back seat, off-duty constable Peter Karras, 51, of Green Valley, thought a dark and secluded Punchbowl street, in western Sydney, was the perfect place to put on women's clothing and touch himself.

    But two officers patrolling the area spotted Karras about 10.40pm. Documents tendered to Burwood Local Court yesterday revealed Karras waswearing a black ladies G-string that exposed his penis, as well as a black bra, several gold necklaces and matching bracelets and six-inch high heels.

    The officers also found his police uniform and police-issued gun belt on the back seat of his car, the court heard. Karras was charged with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place and pleaded guilty in Burwood Local Court yesterday.

    He was convicted and fined $500 plus court costs.



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    I'm going with laugh.


    See, told you.
    To each their own I suppose.
  3. That's funny as.
  4. Heels and jewellery aside, what's the bet he was wearing the stockings and underwear under his police kit all day?
  5. He wasn't on duty so, frankly, so what? He was daft enough to get caught but apart from that, I couldn't give a stuff what he does in his own time.
  6. I agree with PatB, what you do on your own time is your business so long as your business dosen't interfear wit ma bizinas i don't give crap.
  7. But beating off in 'public' is a crime.
  8. It appears he was at least trying to be discreet. I do wonder if the cops who caught him were colleagues with a grudge. Most coppers are too lazy to go shining torches into cars on dark streets on spec.
  9. trying? In a car in the middle of a street? If that's discreet then my dictionary is missing a few pages.

    Honestly, if I was going to be wearing a g-string and stockings, I'd want to be a damn sight better hidden then that.
  10. Not exactly in the middle of the CBD on a brightly sunlit Wednesday lunchtime.

    No, not the best cocealed spot he could have chosen but hardly waving his dick in public either.
  11. Cleary has some judgment issues. Not the best for his former position.
  12. I suspect that the risk of the public but not too public place would have been part of the thrill and so was deliberately chosen.

    Evidently his judgement was wrong but probably not by much.
  13. I agree, the semi-public nature of the thing was probably a big part in what gave him a rise.

    I took a couple of undergrad abnormal psychology subjects a few years back which were given by the a bloke who was, at that time, the head of Royal Park Hospital. Part of his practice was treating blokes who had been referred to him by the courts for public exposure. (Basically they'd be given a choice between receiving treatment for their 'condition' or a few days gaol. I don't think they tend to offer them community-service. They would all opt for treatment.)

    Basically, there is an optimal distance from which people will flash for maximum sexual excitement. (Cast no aspersions; I don't know how they discovered this little gem.) Too far and its not stimulating enough. Too close and its a bit much for all concerned. From memory, I think he said 5-7 meters was what they like most.

    So, to treat them, he'd book them in once a week at about the time the next shift of psych nurses would be about to clock on. He'd get the girls to line up in the car park and invite these poor blokes to flash this line of nurses from only 1 or 2 meters away. The nurses might have a good chuckle, but the point is that from the closer distance, their anxiety levels shoot up from pleasingly piqued to anxiety overload. A six week course of this ritual humiliation and they'd go away more or less cured. Apparently recidivism rates are reasonably low. Gotta love the classical conditioning paradigm: not just for hungry Russian canines...
  14. lol that cop lives in the same shitty suburb as me! ill keep a look out for cross dressing cops from now on.
  15. Laugh hard
    But as others said what he does in his own time is his buisness as long as he aint hurting anyone.
  16. Feel sorry for the guy for having a fetish that is so utterly incompatible with his old job, I guess. (But have no sympathy for him losing said job, since it's one that involves public places and potentially other people.)
  17. I don't think that it is clear from the text of the article that he has been sacked from the force. (It's implied but not made explicit.) Just did a search but could only find verbatim repetitions of the same article. Can anyone clarity?

    If so, I think its a bit stiff that he lost his job. 10.40pm is a time when all good children should be asleep in bed. His car might've been in a public place, but anyone that stumbled across him at that time of night is hardly likely to been significantly disturbed by the sight.

    Depositing his gun belt in an insecure manner might've been looked on more harshly, though. Were the car doors locked?
  18. The article didn't say his gun was in it though, and, given the media's tendency to sensationalise, I would have expected it to get a specific mention. I'd assume he'd have handed the gun in when he clocked off.
  19. Good point, Pat. That makes sense. :)