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Do you lane split

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Yes i do, OFTEN. Its a habit

  2. Only when I'm in a hurry or when traffic is really bad

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  3. No! never

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  4. I think riders who do it are idiots

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  1. Do you lane split?

    To be honest, I do but only when I'm in a hurry and when traffic is really bad.
  2. .. I'm also a big fan of banana splits, and THE Banana Splits (la la la la-la-la la, one banana, two banana, three banana, four.....)
  3. None of the above...

    I split when i think its genuinely safer, which on sydney roads isnt too often in my opinion. The lanes just aint wide enough for even the slightest of error whether that be from me or a car so i generally give it a miss...
  4. I'll split when ever there is cars to split.
  5. i split whenever i have banana's and ice cream...
  6. there's no option for "No, but I want to - I'm just a bit too scared!" ;)
  7. Yes, although I prefer to call it lane filtering. I tend to do it mostly when cars are stopped at traffic lights or on the freeway when the traffic is crawling.

    According to the latest RACV magazine which claim that the most common accident on a motorcycle is being hit from behind, so I'd rather be beside them or in front of cars and trucks in traffic thankyou very much.

    Oh and the other thing it's fun! :grin:
  8. None of the above is not an option :p
  9. I don't split. Not yet considering I've only done a few hundred kms on the road so far. I really don't need to anyway as I only ride for recreation and not to commute so when I ride I normally have a lot of time.
  10. You have the perfect machine for it emsie, VTR's love to split! Give it a go you know you want to. :p
  11. I chose only when the traffic is bad and im in a hurry...most of the time im in a hurry mainly because im an impatient rider :roll: I usually just split when its safe...if i cant get to the front of the lights or the traffic curves and cant see the front, then i dont.
  12. *laugh* I know I want to!! :) I don't even know what's holding me back sometimes, especially when I'm only a couple back and there's a nice, open, straight line for me to ride down :p

    One day I'll get there :) It's scary to think I've still only got a thousand k's behind me :shock: so there's plenty of time for me to get confident enough to take the VTR to the front of the line ;)
  13. Almost always. I prefer to avoid the possibility of being rear ended.
  14. I pretty much do it always. Perfer tp get to the front, then stuck in the middle.
  15. not entirely sure I subscribe to that logic. you still have cars behind you. cars are what would rear end you if you were sitting in the line of traffic. you're all saying that when you split, you should pull in front of the front car so that they can't try and get level with you and do nastier stuff, but seriously - the car is STILL behind you. All it takes is for them not to be watching, just to see traffic moving around them and go, and it's the same thing, except this time you're catapulted into the intersection. You'd wanna be hoping that the light was red in the other directions if that happened.

    So I think that's a crap argument for why you should do it cos you STILL could get rear ended :) On the other hand, splitting cos it gets you from a to b slightly faster cos you're not waiting through 15 sets of lights changing to get through the intersection, different story. Splitting cos you're faster off the mark than cars and it shaves another touch of time off, sure. But personally (and this is my opinion, you don't have to share it), just saying its cos you don't want to get rear ended sounds a bit silly when you're still putting yourself in front of cars :)
  16. Always and forever, it's addictive like heroin.

    Plus in Canberra the lanes are so wide it would be criminal not too.
  17. No, I am right. And you are wrong. :p

    When I split, I'm not behind anyone. Anyone not stopping in time behind me (rear end) will hit the cars, but probably not me, as I'm 30 cars down the line where the impact wont reach. Not to mention that it saves time, so I'm in traffic (danger) for less time. Also, since I'm off the mark quicker I have more time riding without anyone around me (safer). Oh and I often sit in the middle of the lane with blinker on (where there is no room to get in front of them - absence of pedestrian crossing).

    I should be clear. Splitting doesn't make you totally safe. But it does make you considerably safer.

    To reiterate, I have a lower chance of being rear ended from cars coming up from behind and not braking in time (most common rear ender) because I'm far away from the impact zone at the front. People thinking its green and hitting the gas is alot less common. But you'd have that if you didn't get to the front anyway, but this way you have the bonus of the major benefit of being away from rear end zone. Hope you follow me.
  18. i have only filtered when traffic has stopped or crawling pace. Mostly wen im on my way to work and cant be bothered being stuck in traffic along with the cagers.
    however if, im only cruising round i dont mind sitting in traffic.
  19. Me lane split? hell yes, I even think it should be an olympic event!