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Do you lane split?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dan_man_x, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. I'm very much a newbie to riding, but so far, I've observed the following about lane splitting:

    • It is illegal
    • Even though it is illegal, the VicRoads Rider Handbook is very soft on on the situation. For example, it states something like "You must" in regards to wearing a helment" and "It is illegal" to lane split.
    • My training instructor said it was illegal, but said "If you really want to be stuck 300m from the front of the lights sucking down car fumes, then that's up to you." Note the sarcasm. He also said he doesn't know of anyone who has been booked for this offence.
    • One guy I was talking to at a bike shop said "Man, when you get your confidence up, the traffic on the freeway at peak hour won't even make a difference to you. It makes no difference when you're on a bike." An obvious reference to lane splitting.
    • While I await the arrival of my bike (only 5 more sleeps!) I sit on the freeway everyday and watch bikes wizz past me...

    So, I come to the all knowing, all singing and all dancing Net Rider forums to ask my question.

    What do you all say in regards to lane splitting, and getting to work on time no matter how bad the traffic looks?

  2. Do I?
    Yes, I do, but only EVER when the cars around me are stopped.
  3. I try avoid it as you put yourself in a much riskier situation overtaking cars in their blindspots.
    I only ride on weekends, so i never really have the need to split.
    I tried it in my WRX, but it don't fit...... :roll: :LOL:
  4. Constantly . You can ride like a grandma or lane split . Better to do it on the back wheel tho.
  5. Weak man, do it when your really pissed off and traffic doing 60-100k
  6. I am a regular lane splitter :D Sure, I won't go there at 100k/hr between 2 trucks for obvious reasons :shock: but if the traffic is in gridlock...absolutely! Stick to splitting when the traffic has stopped or is only ambling along at < 20k/hr if you dare :shock:

    I'd even argue it's the safer option...at the change of the lights you have a clear road, clear vision, no spray and by rights at 100mts out, you should be 50 mts or so in front of the 'pack' due to your quicker acceleration...thats where I like to be, no-one around to scare you :wink:

    At the end of the day, ride to your abilities and what your comfortable with...afterall, it's your life :roll:
  7. I use to do it, but like deafwish I only ride on the weekends.

    do lane splitting only when you feel you are ready to do it, and yep its illegal.
  8. Ahhh the perenial lane split thread, always good for a revisit (and popcorn)

    Yes I do, but personally only in second or first, only when traffic is stopped, or slow (ie second gear crawl will overtake the cars)

    For a long time I used to sit in amongst the cars, thinking "could I split here", "should I split there" "Bugger, I could've split thru there"

    Then one day I found myself at the front of the queue, just happened. I guess you get to the stage your confidence is high enough, bike handling skills are good enough, and you do it.

    Don't try to force it, lane splitting isn't a "rite of passage", nor is it compulsory, if you want to, go for it, just be aware that technically it is illegal, and the cars are bigger than you, if you scratch them they may squash you. :shock:

  9. Nachos anyone?
  10. Never ever ever ever will I ride when I'm "pissed off" again......
    I did it once and I lost control, literally. Luckily no-one got hurt, but it was a silly thing to do.


  11. Bones....

  12. Yeah, that was one thought that I had. When I'm driving and there's a bike in front of me (usually because they ducked in on a split) I think "Hey man, get going :D " I think this happens because I'm so used to bikes lane splitting and not sitting in front of me...

    I can imagine that there are safety advantages being in front of all the cars.

    I guess one question I have is, what does everyone feel is the safest route if the traffic is going about 20-30kph on a four-lane freeway? Some guys seem to take the emergency lane on the RHS, others on the LHS of the right-most lane. Some others through the left lanes...

  13. Iffracem, you make a fine point :LOL:
  14. I'm a noob, been riding for a few months only (though I ride every day, assuming its not torrential).

    Took me a few weeks of regular riding to get my confidence and skills up enough to split. As previous posters have said, I tend to do this on an assessment of each individual situation rather than always splitting or not splitting.

    I only ever split when the cars around me are all stopped, which is frequent in traffic, but rare on weekends etc.

    Perth roads are relatively wide, and oppurtunities for splitting are probably more frequent than other major cities. Choose appropriately, I guess.

    I think since Ive started splitting my low-speed handling skills have gone up, too. But that could just be me kidding myself.

  15. No it's not in Victoria.
    Tell us that it's illegal in your state not just make a wide sweeping statement.
  16. All the time , makes the journey to work a lot quicker during heavy traffic
  17. Yep, I do it. Sometimes up to 60km/h if the highway traffic is moving slowly but then it's usually safer to go for the right hand shoulder of the road.