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Do you know what a SMIDSY is?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Yes

    195 vote(s)
  2. No

    49 vote(s)
  3. I think so

    3 vote(s)
  4. Not sure

    0 vote(s)
  1. Interesting. I've spoken to three separate riders about what I've been 'up to' recently. You know the conversation starter I'm talking about...
    "so what have you been up to?"
    "been busy?"
    "what's happening?"

    One is from a rider, one an industry sales rep, and the other is from a well known riding organisation. When I told them I have been focused on the SMIDSY issue they all said what's a SMIDSY?

    Well I'm astonished. I took it as a given that every rider knows what a SMIDSY is. Fuck me, I've had enough to last a lifetime thanks.

    Here's the thing, while they haven't heard of the term before they definitely understood it's meaning when I explained it to them. I think most if not all riders have had a SMIDSY experience, whether they know it or not.


    This thread is not about 'what is a SMIDSY?' so please do not answer that question.

    This thread is about, 'Do you know what a SMIDSY is?' Just a simple yes or no thanks.

    All I want to know is, do you know what a SMIDSY is?
    If you don't know, it will be answered in good time so just say no.
    If you do know then when do you think you first heard the term?
    ...and where do you think you heard the term from?

    • please heed the instructions above to provide a clearer picture and understanding
    • this thread is not about you, so please honour the other people who wish to contribute
    • a simple yes or no is the bare minimum requirement
    • please don't go off topic or introduce relevant or irrelevant information
    • please be patient
    • if you cannot follow the guidelines please refrain from participating
    • Yes i will flame the shit out of you if you don't

    Cheers, Cheffie
  2. Yes.
    Heard it from lurking net rider in the year prior to getting my L's.
  3. Yes. From here.

    Don't know if this is a no-no but I recon that non Internet users wouldn't know the term smidsy, or troll, or cage etc.
  4. I'll answer the questions to get us started...

    Not sure. I've known of the term for longer than i can remember
    A rider told me

    *don't forget to vote*
  5. Yes.
    Shortly after I got my motorcycle license in 2006.
    Either on netrider or a video/comment related to a video on youtube.
  6. Edited : Chef got upset
  7. No I heard those terms before the internet was invented, you've heard those terms because old farts like to hang out on the internet.

    Let's keep it to the survey at hand though please, the purer the answers the clearer the picture. Discussion time will be for later :)
  8. Are you fucking spastic or completely devoid of the ability to read simple fucking english?

    Go back to the OP, read the fucking thing from top to bottom, get someone to explain it to you if you can't understand it, and then for fucks sake edit your stupid fucking post.

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  9. Yes.
    UK roadcraft material.
    Same as above.
  10. Yes
    A motorcyclist.
  11. Yes.
    Saw it in a thread here a couple of years ago, didn't know what it was so I used the search function and found out.
  12. Yeppo
    Month ago
  13. Yes
    I think I heard it from talking to fellow riders out at a stop. I don't remember hearing it before 2000, but I never rode with a group before then.
  14. Yes, prior to starting to ride.

    Heard it first on here but I've since then heard it used in both UK and US roadcraft videos so I'm just as surprised he hadn't heard of it as it seems to be in use worldwide. Goood to see from the results so far we don't have any speds here ;)

    (by the way I'm not Tomcat, someone else got me confused with him in another thread)
  15. Yes, from the Internet, probably here, 2011.
  16. Yes.
    Roughly a couple of years ago.
    Read it here.
  17. Yes I did didn't I.

    Noted, I'll try not to get you two confused ;)

    Interesting first post hon. Thanks for helping out :)
  18. Yes
    Heard it about 2 years ago
    Heard the term on these forums, didn't know what it was until someone linked a riding safety video on here also (18 months ago?).

    Funny thing was I didn't put together what it stood for until about a month ago. ](*,)
  19. No idea and im trying not to google it...
  20. All I want to know is, do you know what a SMIDSY is? YES

    If you do know then when and where do you think you first heard the term?

    First time i viewed the near miss board on here, so a little while before i signed up..