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do you know any great camping spots

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by ashrose, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. hi guy's.
    I'm looking for a good spot to take the bike camping for a weekend.
    I've been thinking somewhere along the great ocean rd (I'm in geelong) where i can camp for free or cheap and do some fishing.
    i know there's heaps of spots but i'm after some ideas. i prefer rain forest type areas but "wherever".
    also where can i find what areas along the coast your not allowed to fish.

    Oh and i don't mind sneaking of to the side of the road to camp either.

    any info would be great.......


  2. Cumberland River?
  3. You are in trouble along there now days the local council have put restrictions on camping which is very sad. It has put a dent in the surfing culture down there I am afraid, little by little governments want to suck all the joy out of life. :( So be discreet if you are camping off the approved areas. Official spots are on the below link.

    Visit Victoria - GOR

    From the Shire Council blurb

    Sleeping in Vehicles and Camping in public places is not permitted. Sleeping in any type of vehicle in any residential or commercial area within the
    Surf Coast Shire is not permitted. Camping is only permitted outside of residential and commercial areas in the shire, and then only when a permit
    to camp has been obtained from Council. Sleeping in vehicles or unauthorised camping carries a $125 fine. The only approved free camping sites
    are located in National Parks and this information is provided below. Travellers need to ensure that they have accommodation prior to arriving in
    the Surf Coast. Council is working in the best interests of its community and future visitors to ensure the Great Ocean Road stays great.
  4. I bushed camped down near cape Otway lighthouse a couple of years ago, just off to the left before the lighthouse (maybe Blanket bay???)

    Curdievale hotel (boggy creek) was good
    MT Gambier, was interesting.
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  6. thanks for that chris, what i was looking for and what i needed to know:) cheers
  7. dobbo
    ive been down that way for a day trip and thought about that area..will have to check that one out.

    thought about Aire river, might have a look at that one as well
    thanks guys
  8. Johanna Beach. Free. Beautiful. fcuk fishing though. :p
  9. Does it have to be ocean fishing?

    If not then Lake Bolac isn't a bad spot, since you can camp pretty much anywhere along the foreshore. There is a fee of something like 10 bucks a night, but on the plus side you also get access to proper toilets and hot showers.
  10. If you are referring to by the dam at lake Cumberland, there is a campsite there. It is known as Wolf Creek, and it runs by the Corp of Technicians. Fills up quick during vacations. Camping locations are awesome but there is no breeze ruining through the campsite, and it gets hot down there.
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  12. Greetings,

    Agree with Twistngo on Aire River, where there are two camp sites, plus a caravan park. Fresh water on Aire River, but the open waters are a few kays away. Only one of these camp sites allow fires, because the second site is an open field site.

    For a GV250 and especially a XVS650, I would not suggest Blanket Bay, purely because it is about 10km of dirt, with the final corner to the camp site is reasonably steep with gravel. Cars not a problem. But good spear fishing in the bay though.

    Johanna Beach suggest by fekkinell is a large open field type camp ground, but there is no water supply there, so you'll have to bring your own. And don't swim at Johanna Beach, due to the surf there.

    These are based on my experiences. There are a few more options inland, but I'm not familiar with them.