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Do you have the right bike ?? Try this quizz.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by frodg, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Here is an great quizz to identify the perfect bike for you:


    Here is my result:

    Yamaha FJR1300 :)

    You scored -1 moxie, 9 zeal, and -2 pomp!

    You have the characteristics of a master street rider. On the way to work, your love for riding sometimes leads you to take the long way. The 50-miles-of-back-roads long way. You live for the perfect road, and plan vacations around riding.
    You need a bike that can handle your addiction to the twisties as well as comfortably carry two on a weekend trip through the mountains. Your bike is the FJR1300. Can I borrow it someday?

    So I looked up the FJR1300 on the interweb - What a sweet bike.... Pity I can't afford it yet :(

  2. Nahh they are just trying to sell FJR's...
    I got the same (Though scored higher in all catagories)
  3. R1. No joke :eek:hno:

    "You scored 6 moxie, 9 zeal, and 4 pomp!"

    This worries me.
  4. I'm the FJR 1300 too, but with 0moxie, 6Zeal and -2pomp

    was this quiz created by yamaha or are other people getting different results?
  5. same bike...... waste of time.

  6. Yamaha FJR1300. 3 moxie, 9 zeal, 1 pomp.

    EDIT: I went back and deliberately put in the opposite choices to what I did the first time, and got:
    Trailered Harley. -1 moxie, -13 zeal, 7 pomp.


    The fact that so many of us get FJR1300 either says (a) geese of a feather flock together; or (b) the test is not very sophisticated yet; or (c) a combination of the both!
  7. Suzuki V-Strom
  8. It does spit out different answers. I was a bit ratty and managed to get 600cc sports bike and some insults
  9. Aprilia RSV Mille

    You scored 11 moxie, 2 zeal, and 6 pomp!

    Aprilia RSV Mille
    You're a fast and competent rider, but maybe not quite as good as you think you are. You've spent some big bucks on a sexy Aprilia, now go buy a beat-up Kawasaki EX500 as a track bike and get in some practice before you kill yourself.

    Seriously. The Mille's power scares the crap out of you at times, and you mostly bought it because you wanted something more unusual than a Ducati. Its not comfortable, you're not having fun, and you're riding less than you did on your old bike. If you're not willing to put in some serious practice time, you should really get something a little less purposefully lethal.

    Looks like I've got the wrong bike! :LOL:
  10. Yeah mine was R1 to but it did say it was a close decision with the gsxr1k of which I have 2 so I'm not far off the mark

    score was 10/8/3
  11. What a great test.:nail: I even answered honestly. :grin:

    You scored 9 moxie, 16 zeal, and -3 pomp

    Ducati 996

    You exhibit an overexuberance in all respects that cannot be satisfied. Your attitude and ego are over the top, yet you actually have the skills to match. Its infuriating. People would hate you, but you're too damned nice. You always ride like its your last day to live, and leave bystanders vaguely aroused.
    Your bike is the Ducati 996. Sex on wheels.
  12. Ducati ST4s

    You scored 2 moxie, 6 zeal, and 6 pomp!

    You love riding, simply for the sake of riding. On the way to work, you sometimes find yourself taking the long way. The 50-miles-of-back-roads long way. Your mastery came about as a side effect from your love of the sport, although to be honest, you originally got into it because you thought a motorcycle would make you look cool.

    You need a bike that can handle your addiction to the twisties as well as reasonably carry two on a weekend trip through the mountains. Because you are a bit image-conscious and have a touch of ego, your bike is a Ducati. A practical Ducati, but a Ducati nonetheless.
  13. Yamaha FJR1300

    You scored 2 moxie, 12 zeal, and 5 pomp!
  14. .

    You're a bit of a snob, but otherwise well-adjusted.
    Your bike is the Ducati Monster. Sexy. Powerful. Agile. Italian style in a badass matte black.

    • Agree Agree x 1
  15. Yamaha FJR1300
  16. haha, pretty stupid test, doubt it has much substance considering some of the questions.

    although, it did give me the bike I own.... haha

    and oddly enough, I was going to buy a gixxer...... hmmm

    Yamaha YZF R1
    You scored 6 moxie, 9 zeal, and 5 pomp!

    You're addicted to speed, but have the knowledge and experience to match. Although you like to win, you don't really care so much about competing with others as much as competing with yourself.
    Your bike is the Yamaha YZF R1. Given how easily the rear wheel on this beast spins up coming out of turns, it is fortunate that you constantly work to improve your skills. (I've seen more R1s crash at track days than any other bike.)

    It was a close decision with the Suzuki GSXR1000, but your personality seemed a bit more R1-ish. (But hey, I could be wrong. Its only a silly test.)
  17. Ducati 996

    You scored 6 moxie, 7 zeal, and 6 pomp!
  18. Harley 883 Sportster - ha ha, I don't think so!
  19. I'll take one of both please. :grin:
  20. R1. 12/11/-2

    Ok, I guess, if you pull the poofy plastic off.