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Do you have matching gear, or a Basketcase......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rogues, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Ok, so I know some have bought 2 piece leathers and whatever but other than that......does your jacket have to match your pants??...does your pants have to match your jacket??..
    If you've got a dririder jacket does the pants have to be the same or will you go with Rivet/Motodry ect, ect if the style or price is right?

    Is the ability to 'zip together' the be all and end all as I suppose most mix and match would negate this benefit.......competitors are'nt going to align their zips so you can just whack anything on there

    What are we wearing out there in textile land...

  2. I was about to take the piss out of you for asking such a stupid question...

    Then I re-read and realised what you were actually asking :oops:
  3. Dunno about textiles, but I imagine it's the same as leathers: get your zips sewn on where you want by your local leather-repair-shop.

    Does anyone bother though? If you're that worried about how crashworthy your gear is you wouldn't be wearing textile. Or maybe I'm underestimating some of the textile gear out there.
  4. unless your worried about getting wet, and wanna zip it all together, im with Devo. u want the zip together for protection, get leathers.

    in any case get leathers :p and throw some plastics over the top for the wet :)
  5. well textiles have done me ok in a couple of offs i've had, none overly major(though they still hurt like hell)

    worst i've done to my gear is popped a seam over the knee. stil had armour behind it etc.

    rest of my gear shows no signs of sliding other than scuff marks on gloves and boots. (and a busted helmet)

    that said

    i have a dririder jacket and motodry pants with an ixon summer meshy jacket.

    No, it doesn't need to match, it needs to work as it should. Colour and style are secondary concerns

    my zips don't line up but the pants are high waisted and the dririder comes low.

    if wearing the mesh jacket with draggins i used the belt loop on the jacket to link to the draggins/belt.
  6. Either get stuff that zips together, or get whatever you get altered to zip together. Realm for one gets all her jeans, draggins, whatever fitted with zips - a good idea given the fact that gear can so easily ride up in a slide.
  7. I think the only stuff I’ve got that matches is my $80 wet weather gear from Workwear (until I get my custom two-piece :grin: )

    The primary reason for ‘zip together’ is to stop your protection separating during an off, and like Nibor said, it also helps keep you warm and dry(ier) and stops wind billowing. +1 with Dev’, your local seamstress can match ‘em up for 30$ or so.
    Hey Dev’ according to the stuff I read from Lee Parkes, he “uses Aerostitch gear for all high performance riding except for the trackâ€. I was thinking “sponsorshipâ€, but no.

    And then you were too lazy to write anything sensible eh Dougz :p
  8. My Ixon stuff has a hook to loop around the belt of my overpants.

    Only issue is the pants have a high waist line and my back protector gets caught on it from time to time.

    My mate reckons I look like a cop with my silver Nolan helmet, too bad I don't have the bike to match
  9. The only thing I have that matches is my boots and gloves.

    Although they don't match each other.
  10. they are hard to wear when you have two lefts silly! :LOL:
  11. Me too.

    ... and it's really hard to ride when you zip them together.
  12. Go to a leather-repairer or even a drycleaner/alterations to get the zips attached so you can zip them together.

    Does it all have to match? No way - I have Dririder gloves, R Jays jacket, Rivers jeans, Falco boots - most of the time my underwear doesn't match either? As long as you are comfortable and safe when you're riding!
  13. I have a joe rocket summer mesh jacket and my gloves are rocket. Thats all my matching stuff. Everything else is different.
  14. Ok dumb question but what's a leather-repairer? Also, I've got a leather jacket + draggins... Can I still have a zip put on them despite being different materials or is it not possible?

  15. one who repairs leather.
    and yes, you can get a zip fitted.
  16. And for those that don't know:

    Mister Minit / most 'clothing repair' places, don't like to touch espensive bike jackets when they need to disturb the lining [ie. fitting/repairing zippers].

    In Sydney, I understand the best place to take leather gear is Venus Repair in Sydney city [Pitt St, I think]. Ph: 9267 0706
  17. Joe rocket Mercury leather jacket (Black), Hornee jeans, alpinstars gloves, AXO black boots, ixon cordura jacket and Rjays over pants. LOL I must look like a freak then! :p A safe freak tho!
  18. Thanks Ktulu! Will be bringing my jacket and draggins there to see if they can be fitted with zippers… my leather jacket for some bizarre reason is quite loose on me now. And that’s with 4 layers of clothing on… Grrr….
  19. I bought an RST textile jacket that came with the zip attached to the jacket and also the "other half" of the zip you can sew into anything you want.... though haven't sewn it to anything yet.... never really had a need

    I'm getting RST leathers this summer... (as they are the only ones I have found to fit my long arms) though before I go and buy the pants I'll make sure they are long enough too....

    so in all, matching brands isn't overly important (specially if you can sew the other half of the zip to other pants) if the zips are already there (like leathers) you could have issues with brands.