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Do you have dog? What breed?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mendy, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. I just wanted to see a thread with pics of everyone's dogs.
    Post pics of your best friend.

    This is my German Shepherd, Spike. He's 2.



  2. We have two bitsas, one mostly blue heeler and one mostly border collie, but they're so full of energy it's almost impossible to get a decent photo of them. I'll see what I can do.
    We luvz ya m8!
    Will post some more pics of him when I get home (at Mendy's work now)
    He is the most awsumest, cutest, sexiest dog EVA!! :dance:
  4. I know dog owners can be fanatical, but that is a slightly disturbing statement!
  5. Maybe so, but my brother never lies !!!

    :bannanabutt: :bolt:
  6. hornets got a few dogs, loves them to death, they travel with him on his tank everywhere he goes :shock: :grin: :grin: :grin: :LOL:
  7. Penry - Koolie x Black Lab.

    Mental, very very smart and cute as hell. Only 8 months old.

    Bonus points to anyone that knows why he's called Penry. :)

  8. Bella!


    Sally, before she passed away.

    Funny, anytime I see a dog, I have to say hello. Nothing like patting and talking to a dog for making you feel good. Why is that?
  9. aV1ywjoA.

    this is darcy. he likes long walks, bitches and kebabs. :grin:
  10. aV1yxRG9.

    That's Shannon. He's a Fox Terrier cross Jack Russell. Super intelligent, loves cashew nuts and sniffing my motorbike jacket :LOL:
  11. aV1yyuAr.
    Love the way She sleeps next to my bike :wink:
  12. thats a puddy cat :shock:
  13. This is LeeLee...she was a stray young puppy who was given to us by our cousin. I believe she is a cross breed between a Jack Russell and maybe Fox Terrier, but unsure...smart little girl she is :D.

    phong =P~

  14. did u tie pink ribbons to its head when u went to the mardi gras? :grin:
  15. aV1yJJZ0.
    This is Brutus, he loves everyone. 18 month old Maltese.
  16. I have an actual dog, not some of these tiny fluffy animals people excuse for "dogs". She's a bull terrier cross with somethin (vets dunno), we adopted her at 3 weeks old, now she's 11 and seems to be as frikken bouncy as when she was a pup, ridiculous...
  17. DSCN0897.

    My boys - Spaz the Heeler is 6, Flikka the Cocker Spaniel is 2

  18. Let me sleep on the name, but that is one dead set cool looking dog.