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Do you have bike related memorabilia at work . . . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. I thought i'd share this after seeing it for sale at Hobbyco. . . i had to buy it.

    This sits behind my computer at my desk at work. :grin:

    So do you extend your motorbike passion to the workplace also ?

    Only trouble i have is that people who visit me at my desk want to play with it, and they all think I ride a 999 !!! :LOL:

  2. Your hard hat needs a mowhawk :p
  3. No go Caz, I have to be taken seriously on worksites ! :LOL:
  4. There fixed it up for ya :wink:
  5. Alex, it came with its own bike stand ! :p
  6. Laptop wallpaper is about as far as it goes.
  7. Can you get me one of those stands... :LOL: I need to lube my chains...
  8. My collection of bike stuff stays at home :).
    I do have a nice collection of rocks in my office though, better than your crappy concrete core :p :LOL:.
  9. I have a model of a race duc similar to yours, same bike, different paint, and a Kawasaki ZX-7 that has working rear suspension :cool:

    none of em at work though, as i don't have an office or a desk to put em anywhere :LOL:
  10. :oops:

    YZ125 in bits..
    Bridgestone BT012 with a nail in it.
    Wallpaper on laptop.
    Dirtbike helmet hanging off a hook.
    Spare leather jacket hanging next to the helmet.
    Multiple bike DVD's (On Any Sunday, IOM 2005, IOM 2006 etc etc)
    Couple of Fox jersey's

    Both bosses have their own bike bits and pieces around the place too!

    Not bad for an IT department.. :LOL:
  11. Don't knock on my concrete cores !! :p
    They are concrete cores from a 70year old building, plus it adds an arty-farty background to the 999.
  12. comp screen wallpaper and various boxes from m/c accessory purchases :)
  13. I have a photo on the wall of the bike that my business used to sponsor, and I have a model of a LeMans V11 (like mine) sitting on the filing cabinet.

    That's about it.
  14. I have a motorcycle clock, motorcycle desktops and of course motorcycle cuff links :D

    Plus the helmet and jacket next to my desk and the motorcycle in the carparking space downstairs
  15. yeah, its the 999 F05 . . Toseland's bike ! :evil:

    No wonder it was on special - I didn't realise it was Toseland until I got back to the office.

    I don't like Toseland !
  16. I've got a motorcycle club stubby holder (with a stuffed animal thing inside it - Chuck the Pegasus!)... I've got a picture of my bike, a kawasaki coffee mug, a KSRC sticker LOL ummm a pic of a very fast ninja (it's going faster than a bullet!!! LOL) ummm that desiderider poem thingy and a comic about a motorbike that is so lame I laugh every time I look at it. Oh and of course my GP screensaver and the picture of the sticker on my screen as the wallpaper :D I think that is all... there may be more buried underneath all the crap that currently is on my desk :D

    OH my ride calendar so I can remind myself why I am here :wink: and dream about all the rides I have coming up and a two wheels magazine.

    Oh and the empty bike boots box, the helmet, gloves, jacket and other bike gear that I wore to work this morning, stashed at various spots around my desk :D
  17. lmao, i've got 3 of the 10 dollar bike models (r1, MV Augusta F4 1000 and a rossi bike), plus 2 action photos of me from a track day, :cool:

    ive also got a model of a skyline r34 v-spec. lol
  18. I have a photo of me on my old dirt bike going over a jump at the Kenda rally and a screensaver of me and my 2 boys sitting on the C50 Boulevard as a screen saver.
    Helmet sits on my desk and my gear is arranged around, on and over the visitors chairs according to their drying needs!
  19. At my old workplace, my desk was decorated as my retreat.

    I didnt particularily like being there so i decided to make it as fun as possible... (My desk used to be the talk of the department :LOL: )

    I had a huge colour picture of my bike and about 5 pictures pinned up of dream bikes/cars etc plus a few other weird and wacky pics of random things...

    It was pretty funny walking into my dept and all you could see was grey ugly partitions and the usual drab off-white desk with their desktops and then as you scanned the room, you would just see my desk sticking out...

    I liked it :p
  20. I have a vintage motorcycle rego plate from Venezuela attached to the side of my desk. A few mags and random rubbish sitting around.