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Do you have a twin??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 12, 2006.

  1. No, not THAT sort of twin :LOL:

    Do you have, or have you seen, someone with exactly the same bike as your's, and/or wearing the same gear as you???

    The closest I've come is when I was down for the Netrider Dinner last year and Deafwish's and my Hornets were parked side by side across from some coffee shop somewhere in Melbourne....

    Of course, he's chopped off his rear mudguard, and he's younger and much more handsome than me, so the resemblance is nowhere near perfect!

  2. I once saw a parked bike that was the same year and type as my ZX6R and had been resprayed exactly the same colour, had to make sure my bike hadn't been stolen.
  3. Almost. The new S4RS has a remarkably similar paint scheme to my Rosalina. :grin:
  4. I do... Well not anymore. I was at home lucky for me. In Adelaide, there was a guy riding around with the same bike as me... Same paint work and same jacket/helmet... Only downfall was that he was taken down by a cager last week. :( I hope he is alright, never got to find out who it was.
  5. I spotted a blue FZ1 on Nepean one morning on the way in, and gave him the thumbs up as I rode past (as if to say, good choice of bike bloke - well done), and he came along next to me in the same lane for a while and stopped at the lights while we chatted. But I dunno if I'd especially bother if I was riding your usual GSXR/R1/CBR etc., as I consider those to be dime a dozen, the FZ, not so much.
  6. There was this old bloke I met about 8 months ago.
    He had a blue hornet.
    We parked them next to one another out the front of a coffee shop.
    He had this monstrosity of a mudflap thing hanging off the back of his though.
    Someone told me he talks lots......

    :LOL: :wink:
    Just jokes, Paul!
  7. Tonye and I both have a red R65LS.

    The only difference between us is that he looks much older than me, and his soup filter needs trimming. Oh and he has (needs for his one eyed views) glasses. And finally looks like he needs a good feed, like several pies and a couple of beers.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry Tony.

    No we both ride the same bikes and are about the same age and fine upstanding mature citizens. :p

    By the way Tony, was that you I saw in the vid on the other site? Lane splitting? :LOL:

    Actually the traffic looked very similar to the gp runs. :LOL:
  8. Working in a Kawasaki dealership it happens all the time :)

    Especially as one of the salesguys has a black z1000 :)
  9. Never seen the same bike out on the road though I just happened to be looking through the trading post one day and saw another 1999 DT175 for sale in the same suburb as me. Almost got up and went out to the garage to make sure mine hadn't been stolen... I mean what are the chances?
  10. funny you should ask, I was looking in the windows of the shops as I was ridng the other day and there was this bloke on a blue zed with the same helmet as me, he even rode like me. Strange though cause when I got to the end of the windows he just disappeared.... :LOL:

    Nah seriously, Karen (Mizz ZZR) has a blue ZZR600, and I copied her fenderectomy so our bikes are pretty similar.
  11. People keep seeing me around town... when I'm not around town. A friend of mine swears he saw me and my bike down at shops recently, but I *know* I wasn't there.

    So I think I've got a twin, but I haven't actually seen the guy personally. :p
  12. Years ago I had a diamond white XW Fairmont wagon. Bought it off a mate who had restored it a bit. Seems the hail damage repair wasn't done good enough, so he put a black vinyl roof on it. Pretty rare for a wagon to have a rag roof.

    I moved to Perth for a few months and got passed by an identical white wagon with black vinyl roof.

    (I've had it repaired proper now, no black roof)

    I have 2 black SR500 Yammies!
  13. In 2004 Husband I went touring in Tasmania. We stopped in Coles Bay for the night and the proprietor of the Resort said "You were here last week". We said "No, last time was 2002, but not last week". He replied "Oh, a couple stayed here last week he had a Red Duke and She was on a Yellow One just like your two bikes and you even look a bit the same". We made the appropriate noises. But then it got stranger because after that everywhere we went people said "Oh back again". In the end I think we got to within a day of this mystery couple but we never did meet them.
  14. That seriously sounds like a glitch in the matrix! How freaky.
  15. Nah, glitch was here in 2005
  16. Sounds kinda like Brad and Lisa....she rides a yellow 749 and he rode a red 999 til he came off in a nasty accident last year.

    I know you two don't have the new fancy ones :p but most people don't notice what sort of Duke a person is riding....just that they ride one!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. There is a guy who rides a blue R1 and has a similar jacket and exact helmet to mine. (poor him!!) :p I get alot of "I saw you yesterday..." or receive alot of waves. I didn't believe had a 'twin' until we saw each other going in opposite directions. We almost stacked in recognition! :shock:
  18. I have a twin in SA. We haven't met yet but we laugh as we have both upgraded our red firestorms the same way. Micron Pipes, Sargent Seats, Ventura Racks, Tinted Screens, and oh yeah we both have the same helmets.
  19. "Stacking in recognition" Hmmmmmm. Stay away from me :) Or at least don't recognise me (And why would you) Dont wanna have to pick up after you :)
  20. i have a twin in brisbane somewhere, never met them but i had a woman standing in front of me argueing with me about what my name was until i showed her my licence, she then went bright red and appologised about 375 times hehe