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Do you have a name for your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LPCIII, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Yes, of course.

  2. No, don't be stupid.

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  1. The reason why I ask this is because I have names for all the vehicles I own(ed).

    My old car (Pulsar Gti-R) was called Wilberforce, my old bike (CBR 250 RR) Archebold, my current car (Evo 8) Augustus and my current bike (SP2)... nothing, as of yet.

    So I was just wondering if I am a complete idiot for doing this, but also I was hoping to pick up some inspiration in naming my current bike.

  2. I know a lot of people do it, but I think they're the doily arranging type.
  3. Yeah....my cibby is called Sally. Yes I know that's cliche, but oh well.
  4. the honda is harry and the kwaka is kenny
  5. I differentiate between both bikes, "beast" or "lounge chair".

    Both have been called "you biatch" at various times.
  6. My bike had a name when i got it, "Flipper" so now i get to ride Flipper everyday and she doesn't have a choice.
  7. It's odd I don't usually name inanimate objects... but the bike is a girl... so I named her... see below

  8. It'd be interesting to correlate those who name their bikes with those who name their genitals.
  9. Wanders over... sits down next to Loz.

    Belts him over the head with his embroidery kit and walks off :LOL:
  10. It doesn't have a name, but does get referred to as the Grumpy Trumpy.
  11. Haha

    Yes, her name is Trixie
  12. does "the panzer" count?
  13. Nope don't want to get too attached, she's gone in 12 months when I upgrade.
  14. yup! .... she is known as "Chenoa"

    after a hottie from Tafe.... we talked.. but, never really got to

    know her (she quit) so everytime I see her (bike) it's like going

    on that first date over and over again. That feeling never goes

  15. all my parents cars have names, as well as all my drifting friends but havent got around to naming the bike.
  16. I don't normally name my bikes, but since finding out that my Ducati possesses serial No 666, I have found myself calling it "Beelzebub", and have developed a strange urge to eat children.
  17. +1 :LOL: :LOL:

    The only times I've called my bikes names, it's been in moments of stress and the names are unrepeatable :LOL:
  18. [quote="The only times I've called my bikes names, it's been in moments of stress and the names are unrepeatable :LOL:[/quote]

    +1 to that,

    there were a few choice names for the bike flying around when it decied to runout of fuel on the F3 on Friday, without showing me a low fuel light first :evil:

  19. Electronic reserves are the devil i tell you! One day i'll get around to fixing mine, but for the time being... i refuel the moment the odo ticks over 200km's. As for the naming of bikes... i've never named a bike or a car, only called it names when agitated.

    I think all 250's should have the names of p0rn stars; after all they've been ridden around the block by pretty much everyone, they fall apart regularly and have low service intervals for oil changes.