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Do you hang pictures of your bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Valkrider, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Just curious to know if any of you guys down under enlarge, frame and hang photos of your bike on the walls in your house.

    In my "office"corner of the living room, I have a framed photo of my old Virago, and another of my Valk.
    I've also got a largish canvas print of my bike and a calendar on the wall, it's February 2014, but who looks at the date lol.

    Anyone else do this or am I a sad old Englishman o_O
  2. My computer backgrounds are all bike and scenery. a couple of print outs of particularly memorable tour shots that have sentimental attachment. Thats about it.
  3. My desktop pic is a bike photo. We have three framed bike photos in the dining room.
  4. ive got an Epson stylus pro 9900
    it prints BIG
  5. Not sure, how old are you?
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  6. I'm 51, fast approaching 25 in mind, 75 in body :finger:
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  7. im 53 still stuck at 12
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  8. Yep. Yep I do.
  9. My mate in NZ has his RC30, RC45, TT2 and Laverda in his entrance hallway. The rest of his bikes are in his garage. I hate the b*stard every time i go around there.
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  10. All my digitial screens are wallpapered with my bike, and I fully intend to get some decent-sized prints when I have a place with a proper garage.
  11. i have two of gregs photos on my wall
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  12. I haven't felt the need to hang pictures of Greg on my wall, nice enough guy that he is. ;)
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  13. I have mine as my desktop picture lol
  14. For our 1st wedding anniversary, my wife had a print made of this panorama shot of me riding through the RNP. It's 2m wide and on matte aluminium. I can't wait for when I have a garage to hang it up in.
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  15. Not exactly hanging, but I'll admit to having a couple of big print photos on the sides of a steel filing cabinet in the garage, held on my magnets.

    One is me on the Yammie 125, at Eastern Creek, and the other, me on the Street Triple at P.I.
  16. I do look at this one quite often when i'm lonely and reminisce about the good times.................

    Philip Island Sea Shot.
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  17. I have yours as well
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  18. #18 hyperspex, Feb 28, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2016
    I now own a house with a garage but we won't be moving in for a couple of years. Don't wanna wait that long so I remeasured, turns out it's only 1.4m so it fits in our corridor.


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  19. I'd love to, but each time my wife sees the bike, she goes for my credit card. When kids say, mummy we want to go to the pool, mummy says, our pool sits in the garage, go and ask daddy if you can sit on his bike. :)
  20. hyperspexhyperspex I have to know where she got that made!