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Do you get withdrawals?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Enrgkid, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. I got serious withdrawals. My bike has been in the shop for 3 weeks I was meant to get it home today and now I don't get it till monday I'm missing everything, even the commute. The worst thing is I'm getting a new pipe put on, I'm missing it so bad, anyone else get like this? What's the longest you've had no bike for and it was out of your control?

    Share your stories help me get through this time. It's tough you know ;)
  2. Yep, I'm staring at a red signal in a crossing loop waiting for a third cross, 450km from Adelaide. Been away all week with brilliant weather.
  3. Haven't ridden since Early December due to dodgy elbow, now I'll be back and riding next week. It has been hard but not as hard as when I was 7 months off the bike after the achilles op.
  4. 3 weeks! That is insane. I haven't had to go through that yet. I bought a cool leather jacket second hand on ebay and was going to get it dry cleaned. They wanted the jacket for a week! I tried to explain that i only had one bike jacket and couldn't go that long without riding my bike but they didn't understand. Turns out i am just fine with a sweety smelly jacket anyway.:yuck:
  5. 3 weeks cause it's an insurance claim, but I'm getting a new two brothers black edition slipon put on. Monday is the day but I'm dying
  6. Sweet! Must be tempted to take the day off. Hope you get it Monday!
  7. Yep..Only thing to do during withdrawals if you can't ride is to watch re-runs of WSBK and/or MotoGP.
  8. I have the day off but I haven't been given a time so I'm.Going to be anxious all day. I have Motogp 13 on my ps3 and have built a ducati panigale on gta v. Haha I'm pulling out everything and I'm.watching closer to the edge in 3d(guy Martin IOM TT) blue ray
  9. Drink more beer ,you will soon forget you ever rode a ninja and wallow in eternal bliss.
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  10. My bike is in the shop being painted, having the suspension tweaked & some other little mods done. Catching a train to and from work every day instead of riding a superbike? Yup, miss her just tad...
  11. I get withdrawals from riding pretty bad....

    one time i was jonesing so bad, I was riding with broken ribs....

    I was doing what fighter pilots kinda do, i was taking in a lung full of air and tensing up my torso muscles to try and brace my ribs as i went over bumps in the road. it was like *deep-inhale, HUGHHHHHHHH! slowly exhale*

    Weeeeee!..... owy owy owy owy. Weeeeee!..... owy owy owy owy.
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  12. 5 days now and getting cranky very quickly. Only 4 more until I am back home.
  13. I'll get full-blown depression if I go without riding regularly for long enough
  14. I didnt ride for about 3 years. Then got on my inlaws cb1000 and got the bug back something bad. Was riding it semi-regularly and life was amazing again. Then i stuffed my neck elsewhere and got told a accident (such as slowly rear ended in a car) could make me a quadriplegic, so the bike is now just sitting there waiting for this neck to heal.

  15. There is a medical term for getting cranky when you are unable to ride when you want. It's called PMS, Parked Motorcycle Syndrome, and yes, lots of men get it.
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  16. I am overseas on holidays for a month! And looking at every bike that goes past!
  17. Nope. I simply don't give my bike away :D

    It's great if the boyfriend is a bike mechanic. Since my bike is my only transport, he only gets a chance to work on her on evenings or weekends. Even weekends is hard, because if we have time and the weather is fair, we rather want to ride :)
    Luckily my bike is not one of those complicated high tech ones with computers and fairings and what not - it doesn't take that long to service.

    Last time I was not riding for more than 2 days was when I was for 3 weeks with my family over Christmas. I was so busy catching up with friends and enjoying having a real Christmas, that I didn't miss my bike. Would've been a tad too cold to ride anyway!
    Have to say I was glad she was OK when I came back and that I didn't forget how to ride her :)
  18. Good news is I got a message saying they are delivering the bike to me this afternoon! Woohooo
  19. Working on a farm on the NSW south coast : on the Princes Hwy :constantly hearing and watching riders (groups and solos )riding past. Lucky devils! Bike was 160 Kms away .Finally broke away from the toil and sweat and picked up the bike. Glorious! Even when it rained at night !
  20. I'm married I don't have to worry about withdrawls. Ooops wrong website :oops:

    The wet weather and work has kept me away from the saddle (of the bike) for 3 weeks now. I now find myself watching people riding on youtube! saaaad!(n)