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Do you get sore eyes from your computer? here's the NWS fix

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by generalyuehfei, Apr 20, 2006.

    >> This is no joke... this really does work!
    >> When you get time... Try cleaning your computer monitor screen.
    >> Anyone who's has ever owned an aquarium knows that you have to clean the glass on the inside, sooner or later.
    >> Some people use to do that with a brush that is held to the
    >> glass by magnet on the outside.
    >> In that way you can clean the inside glass from the outside by
    >>moving the brush up and down the glass with magnet apparatus.
    >> The same goes for the inside of the monitor screen you are
    >>watching right now.
    >> Up until now there was no such cleaner, but thanks to
    >>Micro-Soft there now is.
    >> Just Click on the below link and move your cursor up, down,
    >>back,and forth...
    >> This will clean your the backside of your monitor screen.
    >> The results are amazing.
    >> My computer screen looks much, much better now.
    >> You will be amazed at the difference and how much better and
    >>clearer the words appear and how much it lessen the strain on your eyes...
    >> For the best results it is recommended to do a thorough inside
    >>cleaning at least once weekly.
    >> Click on the link below to get started:
    I promise eswen, ill add NWS tags on things in future!!!
    PS eswen is the best mod eva!!11!!one

    >> http://mirrored.flabber.nl/boob.cursor/ciagnijcycka.swf

  2. Just as well this is posted in "jokes and humour' or I might have believed you :wink:
  3. kinda disturbing how distorted it gets :shock:
  4. That was a good one to bring up on the work computer! :shock:

    I very quickly minimised that! :LOL:
  5. [NWS] = such a simple concept, so often ignored :facepalm:
  6. I just spent 15 minutes cleaning my screen, i think i'll have to give it another 15 minutes :shock:
  7. Yes all the people at my office now think I spend all my time looking at p0rn - well they already "knew" but now the "know" :grin: :grin:
  8. We have a specific policy that stipulates that employees shall ensure that equipment own by //???//?/ Pty Ltd shall be responsibly used and maintained in accordance to operating guidelines.

    "Sorry boss, these guidelines here said that it will clean my computer not to mention the WH&S benefits for my eyes"

    Point taken about NWS which I think stands for Not Work Suitable????

    fricken funny though

    Regards, Nick
  9. Re: Do you get sore eyes from your computer? here's the NWS

    wow glad to know my work is aprecated!! *bows*
  10. still cleaning 30 mins and the monitor is still dirty...
    like the spit and clean technique :LOL:
  11. Just cant seem to get mine clean guess I better keep trying :p :LOL: :LOL: