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Do you get riding withdrawals?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Krollinator, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. So, I crashed my bike, ect ect last tuesday, and I'm doing all the repairs myself... I've ordered all the parts and the clutch and indicators will be here any day now, and I'm finding it hard to sit down in my seat and do some study (exams coming in the next week). I found before when I could ride I'd usually take a ride if I was stressed or needing to relax...

    Do others suffer from this same thing? Do people suffer from withdrawals if they can't ride? I just don't know if I'm the only one going through this and I'm a weirdo, or if it's a communal feeling...

  2. Nah. You're right. Riding is addictive.
  3. every single day is a countdown till the next ride. simple
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  4. Catching a bus is the hardest.
    After you have waited far too long in the cold, your ticket never works first time, the only free seat is soiled, next to do some twitchy druggie, wrong turns make you later and later...
    Then you hear something beautiful shortly followed by someone on a bike effortlessly glide past and disappear.

    That is the hardest part.
  5. I hope this gives you an idea,


    I am a Bike Junky, have been for 50 years, Old, but not Slow,
  6. Yep, sorry to say, but, your a weirdo.... like the rest of us! :)
  7. ...I have to catch a bus and a train into uni now... I hate it. HATE! :(
  8. When i ride it's like getting reacquainted with an old friend. When i drive the car it sometimes feels like i betray that friendship.

    The guys at work made the comment about how stressed i was after my crash last year, and how quickly that stress disappeared when i got my new ride.
  9. Haha, that brings back memories. I had to do that once for a period. I used to love the final bus home from the sports hall - the 'characters' were always more interesting, and some of those transit security boys are big!
  10. This is why I own more than one bike.
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  11. For sure... I watch BOM website when its close to the end of the weekend just to make sure there is some fine weather coming up. I look for any opportunity on weekends to ride my bike.
  12. I haven't been able to ride for a while. And over time you think the urge to ride and the pain is going to lessen....... but it never does. It never does.........:cry::cry::cry::nopity:
  13. Wisdom teeth out a few days ago, can't fit into my helmet.. it's killing me slowly
  14. i work on the road. my truck is 8foot8 wide, 29foot6 long (59foot if i pull my trailer). doesn't fit into small gaps without making a mess. so hell yes i hang to ride and just cut through traffic like the rolling chicanes they are.
    and i ride every day, unfortunately i don't get to joyride much
  15. No ride, No life.

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  16. I didn't ride for 4 months after my crash, as I slowly did the repairs myself.
    It was also during my 4 month uni holiday [nov to feb].

    Suffice to say, its torture.

    The first time I took the bike back on the road was one of the happiest moments of my life.

    You could see my grin from a mile away.

    Hope you get back on the road quicker than I did!
  17. all the time. and i ride everyday. haha
  18. Thats it. after this thread I've decided.

    I'm re-registering the ute. Just incase.

    "Bus"..... *shiver*
  19. I sold my bike in April to buy a car, glad I did but christ do I need another bike! Every time i'm sitting in traffic and see some a-hole on a bike split past I know I need a new one. But unless I can find a GS500F for super cheap, I'll have to wait for restrictions to end next May
  20. Exactly this, my bike's been in at the mechanic for 3 weeks now and I'm just itching to get back on. Didn't realise how much I depended on the weekly cruise for stress relief