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do you get bored at work?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. well you see peoples, tomorrow i possiably have one of the longest most boring days ever. Usually this time of the fortnight i'm stuck on an oil rig, but at least there i can fish and eat and not in that order. However, my moronic boss has me stuck in the Sale office (for training wed and friday), with a hire car that travels 170m from my hotel to the office, with no work. for the day of thursday, morning of friday and this afternoon, i'm stuck in the office with absolutly no work to do. And i mean absolutly nothing but stare at my computer screen. It's farked. I can't even tour the longford gas plant (my industry).

    So, what i ask all those sitting at work reading the off-topic section, what do you do at work on the computer to entertain yourself? Do you have internet restrictions in place from the pricks in IT? I.e. you can only check emails and maybe a weather site but not things like forums or facebook or ebay? Do you send random emails to people around the office? Do you read absolutly every topic in NR and try to have some positive feedback? Do you completely research bike repairs for some noob asking a question in trouble shooting trying to find the answer for them? Do you have a desk where people can see your screen and see you on NR or some other non-work related site?

    Post up your methods of boredem relief here and maybe others can learn some new tricks.

    Hell, even to combat boredem I'll write emails, long emails, so if you want a random long email or PM, PM me and i'll get tapping away on the keyboard... it will make you feel special... :)

    boredem relief people lets be caring and sharing...!

    side note; yes i realise the topic line is likely to get everyone clicking so if you think the context of this OP is a waste of time keep it to yourself or a PM :grin:

  2. Some activities for boring days on the computer:

    1) Read the Foxnews website for a while to see what the dumb folks think is happening in the world.

    2)Read the BBC News site to see what's really happening in the world.

    3)Use GoogleMaps to plan a ride/tour.

    4)Check out the Australian War Memorial website because it's bloody excellent.

    5)read through some recent Court Judgements to see if anyone you know has been sent down.
  3. I spend my mornings from 8am to 1.00pm getting some serious work done but this work ethic usual falls out the window after lunch when I find my mind wandering. This wandering usually results in:

    • Gazing out the window
      Trolling Netrider and other bike forums
      Ebay shopping
      Read the Age, BBC news, Gizmodo and other nerd websites multiple times
      Check new torrent downloads
      Gaming sites for reviews on xbox, pc and ps3 games
      Sometimes I sneak into a meeting room and play a game.........yes I know this is bad
      Discussing bike related matters with anyone who will listen
      Chatting on various IM programs including our internal work one
      Go for a wander to the various malls in the vicinity
      Write details character assessments of fellow work colleagues which I then send to my 2 best friends who are equally bored at their computers and need a laugh

    Just on a side note, I took a wander to the other side of the office the other day and noticed that practically every person was surfing something on the net so I don't feel terribly bad at my total abuse of work bandwidth.
  4. As an old boss of mine once said, we have more technology and less productivity; I thought it was supposed to work the other way?? :LOL:.
  5. Hey, you got those arse about face!! :p

    The BBC??? :jerk: (That's them; not you.)
  6. *Blow bubbles and run around popping them.
    *Water fight
    *Balloon fight
    *Spray shaving cream on the tables
    *Climb on the adventure playground.
    *Duck duck goose.
    *Bike riding
    *Throw paint on the floor.
    *Swing on the doors.
    *Sing songs.
    *Read a book.
    *Indoor football.
    *Chew on rubber chickens.
    *Jump on the tables.
    *Mash rice and tiny teddies into the carpet.
    *Scribble and draw with textas and crayons.
    *Plug the sink with wet wipes and flood the toilets
    *Make pancakes
    *Mash pancakes into the carpet after licking off the honey.
    *ect. ect. ect....

    Given the above list and not long to get through it all, I rarely have time to get bored at work. :grin:
  7. I plot how to take over the world with the contents of my third desk drawer; 2 cable ties, a light bulb and a box of paper clips. I'm sure it can be done.
  8. Google Earth. I've climbed Everest, crossed the Sahara, reached the South Pole. Before morning tea.
  9. + 1 ^
    Titus lol
    I honoustly have the same problem.
    i actaully work in an internet cafe, so i get paid to go online (Haha). I seriously browse Netrider the whole day. Partly because of boredom, but mostly the addiction.
  10. wow, some interesting ideas there and some ones to get me in the shite... well i've just read most of the general discussion threads and got here...

    now i don't mind been at work at 7am, when i was workign in the city 6:45 was common. But when they ask me to be here 7 till 5 with absolutly nothing to do i get the shits. Anyway, i'm going to try and plan an MR using google maps, my goal is to plan one with minimal traffic lights so the ride has "right of way" through intersections etc so the ride is quick.

    might get onto some local news sites about the shotgun woohar and post some comments to open non-rider eyes... or sometimes i get silly and post comments just to stir people up in the site...

    let the games begin...

    cheers for the links people.
  11. +1

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/ - much better!
    Also if you are a fan:


  12. Back in the days when I worked a regular 9 to 5 I had massive periods of boredom. That's when I wrote my first novel.
  13. Make a mini golf course on your desk using a pen for a golf club.
    Go into the dunny's and sleep.
    If your internet access allows it go shopping on online shops. Just make sure you dont get it all posted to your work address.
    Waste all the time you would at home surfing the net and forums then when you finish work go riding or do all the other stuff you wanna do.
  14. half way there... most internet sites are blocked here (ebay, facebook etc)... after a run of posting in a s*** load of topics i'm now reverting to searching and reading old threads in NR... damn some of them are funny...
  15. I was going to ask you how someone gets a job on an Oil Rig but then you made it sound boring........ unless you figure out how to take over the world with the contents of Vic Slick's third desk drawer ........ or blow bubbles and run around popping them. :grin:
  16. Brilliant. :LOL:
  17. I once went to the can at work and returned about an hour and half later with a cut just above my left eye. I fell asleep on the throne and fell off, cracking my head on the loo roll dispenser on the way down.

    The worst thing? No one noticed. The long absence or the cut. Offices are soul-sucking, awful places to be.
  18. i've had a heap of people ask me and i know why, money. the isolation is a c*** but when you have work to do it isn't that bad, keeping in mind you must like your work. However when your not working and away from friends/family its pretty s***. I don't have kids or a missus but i'm thinking if i had either i'd want to spend as much time as possiable with them rather then 1 week gaps (sometimes 2 week gaps depending on the company). Side note, Oz is the only oil rigs in the world that has week on week off, everywhere else is 2 on 2 off (from what i've been told).

    there's an artical somewhere that tells a story of a man who died at his desk (heart attack i think) and stayed there for 5 days. I'd link the newpaper artical picture but i can't access the sites that host it. Restricted internet here, google; "dead man at desk" in google images.
  19. There is only one answer;


    So much interesting/useless/funny stuff to look at, it will keep you entertained for days.