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Do you get agro?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by taiheung, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. I was riding up Oxford Street today to get to work when this Camry cut into my lane (I was passing on the right hand side). To avoid a collision with the side of his car I slammed on the brakes so hard that I lifted the rear wheel. I didn't even have enough time to find the horn with my thumb. After making sure I wasn't about to cause a pile up all I wanted to do was find the guy and abuse the living hell out of him...

    Question is - in similar near death situations do you guys pipe up? If so to what degree, or do you find yourself a more passive rider?

    oh and additionally, when if ever do you guys duck under your screens?
    I find it so much more pleasant on the motorways when hunching over the tank than sitting up high. Is it a bit poser? Or is there a practical side to it?
  2. oxford st sydney? should come along to an east sydney meet :p .... once we can be bothered arranging one...

    I do tend to blow my bottle on near death occasions, just shake my fist at them as i shoot past them, or give them a blast on the horn (if i remember that its by my LEFT thumb.. not hit the starter :oops: )

    i don't really go mental and i just let it slide... Not good to ride if your mind's not on the task. If you get the shakes from adrenaline, pull over, take a breather and change your undies... then get back up and keep on riding :biker:

    To your other question.. i don't have a screen to duck under :cry: ... i want one to hide behind!! i tend to crouch down low on the bike when i get on highways, or in high winds.
  3. Have to say, congrats on your first stoppie :wink: albeit due to a bad situation and timing.

    Well Im definately a passive rider so given the same situation I would be questioning if I did anything to put myself in that position, ie: was I riding in their blindspot, not riding eye level or in front of the car for them to see or acknowledge me properly, was there indication and did I not see it or reduce my speed enough etc

    If I felt that I had been doing the right things then usually a glare through the visor at the driver suffices or even shaking the head tends to get the message across.

    IMO its never worth the risk of "chasing" after them to have a word as you never know what type of day the other person is having or what frame of mind they are in.
  4. When I started ridign yeah I got pretty angry when someone cut me off, but now I just tend to get on with my riding. maybe it's coming to the realisation that the car wasn't as close as I thought? :?

    Anger is not a very nice emotion to have on a bike, aim for Zen.

    having said all that I kicked the door of a camry this mornign that merged onto me, fcuking idiot got the message pretty quick and a size 12 dint in his door. :mad: :mad:
  5. I would be quite calm and speak in a steady polite tone.

    Then after taking my boot off his head to let him get back up I would offer him my mobile to call the ambo
  6. I've never had a really close call such as yours, I've always had time to react. It does peeve me though and they will get plenty of beeps, head shaking and bit of middle digit.
  7. Is that what they do to you after being forced to travel at 40km/h on the highway? :LOL:

    but seriously, riding slower does have its advantages, allows you time to react and see what stupid thing's going to happen next... I really should learn huh :oops:
  8. Just be thankful you didnt get Rear Ended...

    Oxford Streets known for that sort of behavior :grin: :grin: :grin:


  9. +1 on ihaveduff's comments.

    I've made my share of mistakes but it just isn't worth the risk. in most cases you're gonna come off second best if you go confrontational.

    Also not worth giving them the satisfaction of messing with your chi.

  10. aye... i get to brave it after work today lol
  11. Haha. Thanks Guys.

    What about the ducking? I feel like a bit of a tool when doing it, especially when a dude in a car is still going faster than me. It's just that it seems to help with the wind so much on the highway.
  12. yeah man you should come to an east meet with us one day - I gotta speak for myself too - I've been soo busy at work...

    Ihaveduff - I saw you last night on Anzac parade! hehehe - VTR with your trade mark backpack :p

    I'm on a cruiser and I have a feeling drivers give a little more attention with cruisers - but you do get the occasion a55wipes that do it on purpose or they misjudge.
    I just stop next to them at the lights and stare at them until they feel unconfortable.

    yeah ducking is fine - main purpose is to make your body more inline with the bike thus creating a more aerodynamic riding position. Or else you'll be blown around by thte wind and that's not cool. I'm on a cruiser and the more you duck, the more you look like a tool - but sometimes - you just gotta do it for Safety's sake.

    yes I did almost fell do you the wind.... so I don't care how I look anymore ducking on a cruiser - if it stops me from sliding.
  13. Awesome :)
    I ride my bike in on Mondays and Thursdays... black GT250R hyo!
    I'll have a bright blue/white backpack on most days and matt black helmet!

    Spot me if ya can! WOO! I'll always wave. Infact, if ya spot me... give me a Queen's wave so I know you're from the forums. hahaha.
  14. in hte past i have kicked off mirrors, banged door panels with my feet and fists, knocked a bumper of a white camry once ( something wierd about camrys... but i think we all know this now), stopped my bike in the middle of hte lane after a nudge on my exhausts (cruiser) from the car behind... got off went back and preceeded to bang my fist on the window until the guy got hte message then kicked his headlight for measure, and many other things that really i should let go.

    i am still alive and only once every actually run off the road by a cage that in fact was coming from the other direction... cut me off... never stopped... probably the one most deserved of abuse.

    what i have learnt/decided though and something i practice now, is to jsut let it go when the cage does something stupid. i jsut look at the them and give them a 'two fingers point from their eyes to mine' and shake my head. then continue on. i have actually found this a better safer response, as i can now still remain calm and concentrate of the being prepared the next time some fool doesnt see me. seems to serve better and i ride better for it. i also am not one to sit around in traffic too long. my goal is to get out front where safe and keep moving on all occasions

    oh... this has taken a lot of practice too. not a change that happens over night.
  15. I'm a really calm dude off the road, but yeah I get agro when stuff like that happens. The agroness is generally proportional to the near death-ness though! I just hate the level of incompetency on the roads and how unobservant people are (whether I'm on the bike or caging it). I think part of it's cause I've gone to lengths to get driver training and all that and can't understand why it's not compulsory for all drivers. Its amazing how much you learn on those courses.
  16. Haha, man thats like not even close to a near death having someone merge into your lane with you/cut you off is nothing its like so what and the worse thing to do is slam your brakes on, if anything slamming your brakes on is more likely to kill you then being cut off/merged onto.

    When something happens that pisses me off i'll chase em down give them abuse if they laugh or something i'll get physical, its better to vent then to let it all build it.
  17. I try to be understanding and keep a big buffer zone (now 3 instead of 2 second gap) where I can.
    I try only to unleash the beast in a clinical manner.

  18. Given the boys something to look at aye. Nothing against oxford street but no i dont bend over and bite the tank unless speeds are up high. I actually enjoy the wind.
    City riding in peak hour traffic is eventful, theres always a half blind cabbie or courier on the run or busy teens driving mums car, calling all their mates on the phone.
    I know you need to be aware everywhere but peak hour city driving is an absolute trap. I love it at night but.

    Yes i do get leg shakes and quick heart rate when in a real close situation, Yes i do make sure they know how i feel but remember they can get you back. Im not telling you to be polite but remember there are people out there ready to nudge you back.

  19. i try not things affect me too much.. but yes, it is annoying sometimes
  20. On the topic of getting agro...

    Im new to the forum and want to PM someone about a cheap re-sprayer, but after i registered i find i'm not allowed to PM until i've got 15+ posts... Grrrrrr

    Oh well... this is one down...