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Do you forget to take your gear off?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Peaches, May 6, 2008.

  1. Not sure if it’s a newbie thing or I’m just a blur squid by nature – but do you guys ever forget to take your gear off, and as a consequence, have people laugh at you occasionally?

    I came into the office on Friday morning in a suit but had my riding boots on because I was going riding that night (I’m one of those girls who has their work shoes stored underneath their desks). Anyway, was rushing for a face to face interview and forgot I had the boots on. :shock: Didn’t notice it either when I rocked up to Mr X’s office and I had part of the right leg of my cream slack tucked into the boot. Suffice to say I went beetroot red when he pointed it out and said “you’re a rebel, eh?â€. :oops:

    Other instances also include forgetting to take the helmet off. I’m not sure why but I tend to park the bike, put the key in my pocket, get my gloves off, and leave my helmet and jacket on. Had a number of occasions when people give me weird looks as I walked a fair way from Peaches with the helmet on, reviewing the ride in my head. :roll:

    The funny thing is I never used to do this when I was a pillion. Is it a new rider thing? Anyone else do this, or am I just weird?
  2. I can see myself doing that once I get back on them. Knowing my luck though, I'd probably walk into the bank with my helmet on and have some poor clerk hit the panic button :p
  3. The other day was a really cold morning at work. I didn't take my helmet off until I got into the office.

    I got a few looks, but I didnt care since it was nice and warm inside my helmet!
  4. I hope you don't forget to place the pig in a safe and secure location!

  5. Sometimes I put my gloves on before I get my key out of my pocket. I have tried digging around with the glove on but I pull out my other keys. So now I just take the glove back off again and then get the key out hoping noone saw.
  6. 15 layers of clothes, thick gloves, balaclava, helmet and backpak. I can't wait to shed it all as soon as I'm off the bike.

    No problem when I'm on the bike, kinda makes me feel all snug and shielded from the elements.

    I'm not comfortable with lots of clothes on. Less is best at my place!

    Bring back summer!!!! waaaaaaa!!!!!

    Winter hasn't even started and I'm over it already.
  7. I often find myself stuck in all my gear, especially in winter. I'll walk into the house and only take my helmet off - or, I'll wake up in the morning and put on my trousers & boots regardless of what's on for the day. Haha, it's great. I do admit my gear is urban wear so I can get away with it a bit more - but it's still quite stocky. It's just so freaking warm!
  8. I have been known to get home from a ride, lose the gloves, helmet and jacket and curl up on the couch and eventually go to sleep still in the leather pants and boots.

    I think the strangest one I ever did was this one time I was going out for dinner, got out of the bike pants, put jeans on, and put the bike boots back on without thinking... wasn't until i was half way there (driving!) that I realised I had just out of habit pulled the boots straight on.

    I'm another one who leaves the shoes under the desk at work...
  9. I forgot to take off my boots and jacket when I got to work the other day. It scared the living shit out of my Pt's when I walked into their cells. :shock: :LOL:
  10. Actually here's another el sicko fact - I love sleeping in my Draggins because they are so warm. :p

    Anyone else does this?
  11. I sleep in a -10 sleeping bag :>
    Nice and warm.
  12. That's what the missus is for...?
  13. Yeah I wear my riding boots to work even when driving.. they're just more comfortable than my work shoes :oops:
  14. The trick to sleeping bags is to nude up. An un-wrapped body will warm up the bag quicker, and keep you warmer in the long run (just leave the beanie on to keep your head warm). :wink:

    I've gone back to a +5 sleeping bag now instead of using the -10. No problems, even in the snow on 4x4 trips. :cool:
  15. The reason why sleeping naked in a sleeping bag is warmer than sleeping clothed is because during the length of the day your cloths soak up sweat from your body, and then when you go to sleep in the sleeping bag the sweat evaporates which cools your body. So best bet is to sleep naked so your body dries quickly and can only get warmer from there, and to string your cloths (if you need to re-wear them) underneath your tarp. (this is for hiking in <0 conditions)
  16. i try to leave the helmet on to protect the children and the elderly
  17. I leave my pants on all the time.. cant help it.. i get off the bike walk in to shops and they are still on :oops: people look but i just ignore them, at least i never forget to take my jacket and shirt off.
  18. Good to know