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Do you foot down or knee down?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by RuKu, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. In other words, do you ride it like a dirt bike or like a sportbike?

    On my ride out today on the DRZ, I thought I'd try the upright style - leaning the bike and keeping myself upright with my weight on the outside - sometimes with and sometimes without sticking the leg out. It felt quite comfortable, even natural to me!

    What do you do?

  2. I ride an Across...so majority of the time I ride "knee" down style. However I have attempted to do the motorcross style on the Across several times...rather awkward but it is funny to feel your foot scrape the floor while slightly leaned...
  3. Depends whether you feel like being a supersport / supermoto or a dirt bike :p

    Knee down can be classified as supermoto as well, the racers knee down but they also put their leg out.

    I think it depends on what you are feeling tbh :)
  4. Coming from a motocross background I'm foot out all the way. I do wonder what the cagers at the roundabout think as I come round, foot out, bike leaned right over :twisted:
  5. This is NR. Most people put their bike down. :LOL:
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  6. So much win!
  7. haha :D I can;t wait to do that!
  8. Bit of both. Granted mine weighs 30kg more than yours, so it's not quite as easy to lay it on it's ear, but it's still fun to throw it around the tight stuff. Anything from third gear up and it's knee out (way too high off the ground to actually touch down though).
  9. Neither. Don't wear leathers, so no knee down for me. Keep my feet on the pegs when riding both road & dirt. Greatest feeling in the world doing big speed feet up near full lock power slides on dirt roads & fire trails riding a big bore dirt bike.
  10. i thought u mean lean till the foot touch down or knee... (maybe you can refer to Rossi more for other foot style)
  11. depends what bike i'm on!

    Track bike: Knee down.
    Road bike: Peg down :p
    Dirt bike: Foot down
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  12. I ride a motard. Under about 30kmh (signposted) corner foot down. ie foot forward next to front axle. Really fun when you get to point of sole sliding on the road with leg bent and bar just above knee :D

    Faster corners. On the pegs.

    Watch current supermoto racers and most of the quick guys now ride knee down and not much backing in.

    Is great little instruction vid on how to back a motard in by a german racer. When asked why do it, his answer was simply, to look cooler that your mates :D

    Ultimately, it is a motard, so do whatever is fun. Riding is about the size of the grin :)
  13. Stupid question but why do the gp riders tend to put a foot down before the corners?
  14. I remember rossi being asked why he does it (because he was the first to be doing it lots) .. His answer,

    Dont, really know. But I know why everyone else does it now (followed by massive grin).

    Have heard many armchair theories on it. So actually don't know.
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  15. Depends,
    Tight stuff with little time to set for corners = leg out
    Loose surface aka dirt = leg out
    High speed with time to set up = knee down
    That's what I find works best for me
  16. Thanks for that. :) I don't spose you have a link to the instructional vid you mention?

    That makes a lot of sense! Thanks.
  18. Dirt bikes are made to be ridden on the outside, ie: bike lent all the way over but rider sitting upright, pretty much sitting ontop of the side of the seat...but even then it's not THE only way to ride....

    In the 'Cornering Bible' thread I tihnk I made a reference to experimentation....coming from dirt bikes I tried the whole riding on the outside/dirt style on my GSXR and whislt not quite technically correct, there are times when it is....ie: when there's say a slight right corner immediately followed by a tighter left (or vice versa) sitting on the outside of the bike allows you to be setup on the inside of the bike on the next turn with minimal shift in body weight....

    So try every position possible on the bike in every scenario and you might be surprised what you can do and when! :)
  19. I thought it was an attempt to move some of the weight off the front wheel before the corner under braking.

    I tend to do it except I sit back on my bike to go heavy on the front brake and still stay on 2 wheels.
  20. on dirt you can put your foot out, you want some decent boots for this

    tarmac keep them on the pegs

    as far as body position, dirt you will lean the bike under your body,
    but on the road you should lean your body over the bike