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Do you ever not tell family about your near misses?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ageg, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Hey NR peeps,

    Was out on the Spada tonight at around 830pm, cold and dark here in Melbourne.

    Long story short, a car pulled out on front of me and had to take evasive action to avoid any problems.

    When I arrived home the wife asked how was my ride, I responded with it was ok... And left it at that. I chose not to tell her about my smidsy due to the fact that she would start to get very nervous about me riding and already hates me doing it. So to avoid long talks about it being dangerous and having her worry about me each time I go out for a ride I chose not I tell her.

    Do other people on here do what I have just done to avoid the whole 'drama' side of things?.

  2. and thats whay you dont always tell them!!

    I have done on some occasions others just dont happen!! lol

    think about it, they'll be worried EVERY time you go out.
  3. Yeah, I don't say a thing.
  4. Last time I told my missus about a smidsy, she said it was my fault for not wearing Hi Viz gear. She wouldn't even listen when I tried to tell her that it wouldn't happen if drivers bothered to look out for bike and no matter what I wore, they still wouldn't see me. Now I don't bother.
  5. Dad told one of my mate's Dads that he keeps his phone by his bed when I go out on the bike, waiting for a call informing him I'm in hospital. Not that I've had a particularly significant near miss to get all worked up about yet, but no, no I do not tell, in order to avoid causing his hairline to recede a foot. The whole riding thing never went down well here in the first place. 8-[
  6. I only speak of such moments to family members who ride.
  7. i've no issue with expressing my frustration at the stupidity of some people on the road (fair's fair i've also had my bad moments so i dont hold a grudge towards drivers/riders for their **** ups..) but the thing is...get's a tad boring ...and abit of flogging a dead horse scenario after awhile ...there's only so many times you can say...

    "i was riding on x road...x car did x...and then i had to x...was shitting myself ...ended up flipping the bird and riding off " before others & myself start to think "really, your going to ramble on about this shit again?"

    it's apart of riding...it's apart of operating a vehicle full stop...have a vent to someone ..sure...do it here- i'm sure most have at point's...but there's no point ...well in some of your case's atleast in giving said family ammo to try and use against you...have a drink..a smoke..and exhale...your home..your safe...that's all that matter's

    excuse the pause's n shit ...really can't be bothered tonight
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  8. Missed Two Roo's, Two Wallabys, 3 really bad slips cornering in mud, Ran wide on a couple of corners to avoid obstacles, Ran wide to avoid slimy mud on the road, Did I tell her, no I didnt, But she knew all about every one of them,

    She was sitting on the back of the Moped when it happened, She didnt see the Roos and Wallabys, But she sure did feel the earth move for her, hahahaha
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  9. Hi viz? You're single now right?
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  10. As an aside, a single bike headlamp can be hard to make out among the "clutter" of lights at night.

    My bike has twin headlamps, they are a lot more noticible. If I didn't have twin headlamps, I'd fit extra lights to the front.
  11. What about one of these bro? Fit one of these to the front if you are serious.

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  12. Rule #1; you NEVER tell ANYONE about your near misses
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  13. Hornet old mate, this is getting scary ... but you're right that is definately rule No1..
  14. Erm, sorry gentlemen, but rule no. 1 is "Don't fucken crash".
    Always has been...

    As to the topic, I tell Mrs K everything - I speak only for myself, but it wouldn't be much of a 14-year relationship without honesty and disclosure...

    The rest of my family don't need to know. Earlier this year I forced my broken foot into a shoe after 5 weeks, and told my visiting sister I was limping because I'd rolled my ankle on the stairs...
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  15. errr, crashing is not near-missing......
  16. If it was bad enough to make me worry about it after the fact, then sure I talk about it with the dudette. She's there to talk to about these things. Thankfully those don't happen that often. Most of my 'near misses' are not all that scary and not all that close. I can think of maybe 4 or 5 in my 6 years of riding that warrented further discussion. But she has probably had the same while driving.

    If you are having scary as hell near misses on a semi regular basis; so regular that you are afraid you will scare the shit out of your family then they probably have a reason to be concerened.
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  17. That's as may be, but how many sets of rules are there?
    There can be only one rule no. 1...
  18. My wife rides, so, I don't mind talking to her about these issues. I still don't tell her about every time I have to avoid a car being a ******** (else it's all we'd ever talk about) but, I do tell her about the odd occasion when they manage to get my heart rate up.
  19. i have been up front and honest to my kids. not only do i ride a mbike, but i have been riding to work on a push bike, so i am at risk constantly.

    i tell them that riding is risky and they have to accept that if the worst happens that i knew about my risks....and was willing to take them, to do something that i love.
  20. I thought rule #1 was "never start a nodding thread" :bolt: