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Do you ever not look forward to a ride ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. I rode the bike to work in town today, only 2nd time I have done it I usually catch the train. I got to work a little late this morning, just after 10 by the time I got here the sweat was pouring off me, leather jacket, gloves, draggins, full face helmet etc. By the time I leave this arvo it will be around 36 degree's and I am not looking forward to pulling all the gear on.

    Squidding is not an option, I made a promise to my wife and kids (and myself) that I would never ride without full gear. I think I may have to buy some lighter gear for next summer. Any tips for coping in the heat ?

  2. the Only thing that has made me worried about riding was one day with to little sleep and a headache...

    As for heat.
    when it is hot I ware My Hornees, but still have the motodry jacket with all the vents open.
    This afternoon is going to be a b!tch heading home, but such is life
    Oh also sun glasses and Visor open.
  3. i've got a DIY car wash next to my work, i pop in there soak my body with water and that keeps me cool for the ride home. on a day like today i'll be dry in 20 minutes.

    the only thing i don't like about the bike is the ten minutes it takes to find my gear that's spread around the house and chucking it all on.
  4. not having water proof gear... i hate the rain... especially if the suns out it makes things shiny and reflect, thats also bad....
    but i suck it up and keep ridin anyway :D
  5. I ride to work every day. in the morning I wear the leather jacket, but keep a rjays airmesh in the bag which I swap to after work as it's usually 35+ You need a tank bag or ventura setup to carry you spare stuff. I also wear kevlar jeans which slip over my pants.
  6. Good tip - I was opening the visor about 1/4 inch for most of the way in.

    Now there's an idea :grin:
  7. Get yourself a mesh jacket, mine is awesome.
  8. I don’t even contemplate riding in this heat until the sun goes down, anything else is insanity.
    To those that rode today, consider yourselves nuts.
  9. Definately on the "to do" list phizog, which jacket do you wear ?

    Thanks DuHast :LOL:
  10. ..Squid it!

    If your going to wear gear except to get hot, nothing you can do except what people have said before throw water all over youself to cool you down.

    Jacket half undone, Visor right up and double your following distance (so no rocks fly into your eyes).
  11. i rode today... i really dont have grief with riding in the heat... just the wet...
  12. Get one of these:
    They work surprisingly well.

    I don't like the mesh jackets, they all look a little flimsy for my liking and they don't offer much protection from the sun.
  13. +1, plus
    open as many vents as your jacket & helmet allow
    keep your fluids up before & after to avoid being dehydrated
    try an ice pack (like the 1st aid ones) under your shirt
  14. It's hot what do you do? I ride everyday and the only thing I can offer is get wet!
  15. Prefer too much cold and rain to too much heat, but ride in both.

    Airmesh jacket - with zip open (it has studs top and bottom so still stays together in the right spots in a spill, pretty much)
    Draggins cargos
    Airmesh gloves.
    Arai vector with the vents open but visor closed.

    Gets a little hard in the bitumen and car crush crossing the top of city on alexandra and royal parade, but such is life.
  16. Thanks for all the tips, I have soaked the shirt, drank a heap of water and now its time to saddle up. Have a great weekend all. :grin:
  17. I've got a dri-mesh climate control. Cost me about $280. Haven't ridden in cold weather yet so I have wet and warm layers out.

  18. I don't look forward to riding with a gouty big toe (left foot). Upchanges require zen-like preparation and execution. I'd ride everywhere in 3rd if it wasn't for traffic lights. Thankfully it's only 48 hours and I'm good to go again.
  19. The worst day commuting by bike is far better than the best day taking the train.

    Yeah, it's a bit hot. Diddums...
  20. i don't look forward to riding in days like today, it was stinking hot in the after noon, now its thunder and rain...god i hate melbourne weather, tho i wouldn't wanna be in sydney with those hail storms