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Do you ever head check when you filter across lanes?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mcm, May 1, 2013.

  1. I have seen lots of posts over the last two years about cars doing this and drivers doing that and yes no one is perfect, in fact just the other day I was reading a related post.
    When you get cut off on wet by another motorbike however I am sorry to say it does make one wonder if some riders even have a leg to stand on in this argument of who is wiser on the road.
    Today I almost took out a green P rider who cut in front of me coming across lanes while I was filtering in standstill traffic, I doubt he even saw me albeit I missed him by a few meters only because I saw him in the corner of my eye come across and I anticipated he was going to do it.
    Just in case he reads this and is wondering, no it is not easy to abruptly stop 400Kg of bike+rider on wet while filtering so next time please be more considerate and check if anything is coming down the lane you are about to squeeze into.
    I have seen some idiotic things being done by riders on the road but this one so far tops my list, and I am sure it will not be the last.
    The irony is if we would have crashed into each other I am sure the cars on the road would have had a great laugh about it, just imagine the news reports, "Two motorcycle riders crash into each other while filtering traffic" I am sure everyone would have had a field day at our expense.

  2. probably the same nong who undertook me this morning so he could tailgate the car ahead of us.
    you're a nong mate.
    get a clue and live to ride tomorow and the next day.
  3. Has anyone ever noticed that on the commute to work and back, the regulars that you see, are for the most part, quite considerate riders. Will usually cut others riders some slack, leave space, wave in appreciation when you do the same...
    ...because they appreciate that they will be back sometime pretty soon, travelling with the riders that they usually see, and if they made an ass of themselves, they will be given the raw prawn.

    The guy to watch out for is the newcomer who won't normally be there. He'll stuff you up, ride like an idiot, and generally upset the balance, mainly because he has no vested interest, and therefore doesn't have to give a toss.

    Just sayin..
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  4. @raven
    Yup ... agree... I see quite a few regulars ... some I pass and others I let go past .... you know who likes to split faster and who is slower.... be courteous.

    Mind you riders coming up behind you need to be on their toes as well and make sure you have become aware of them ... I am concentrating on the traffic ahead ... and yes I am checking mirrors very frequently ... but still sometimes a bike will surprise and be up my clacker ... this is especially so in the early morning starts when bikes get lost in the sea of headlights.

    When splitting ... the unspoken protocol is bike in front has right of way ...
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  5. Nope, watch out for all motorcyclists when filtering. Have you ever read their forums? They are a bunch of nut bags obsessed with cats in Argyle clothing.

    But yeah, motorcyclists have a reason to go in to your space, cars don't. Riders aren't perfect and will do dumb shit. Don't pass a bike when filtering without doing it very slowly and don't enter the motorcycle lane without checking it's clear first, if one of us remembers it should be ok.
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    earlier this year some numpty on a triumph blind sided me because he didnt headcheck, left me with bent bard and broken mirror... then pissed off

    made me miss a putty run and cost me ~300 to get it all fixed

    edit: the other rider was in front of me in the left 'filtering lane' so i took the right. wen along fine for ~50m then he decided to change without looking... but he hesitated which made me think that he saw me and was waiting till i went past... but no....
    we both stayed upright and i was trying to hold my mirror (bar end) on while keeping the bike straight with my left arm 70mm in front of my right... not plesent
    i guess me riding was enough for them to figure i was ok and piss off...
  7. To the OP.

    I always check the "filtering lane" I'm about to enter, I like to stay upright, so do my best to make sure I am clear to enter.


    The regulars tend to be quite courteous compared to the new guys. Sometimes they go around the slower rider via other "filtering lanes" if the turtle didn't look behind them.
  8. Oh, and yes, I usually know it's clear before merging across, as I will take a long scan over to the other split, if I can see it.. If I wait until I'm in the gap between the cars, I am usually too busy to have more than a glance.
    And glances don't work to well with bikes. (they are a small target)

    It's very poor form, to just not look!! And pissing of on a fellow biker after a cunning stunt like that, is low....reeeeally low.

    But to be real about it, it is a moment of awkwardness when changing filter lanes, so I can understand how one could get tangled up with another. Ya just don't piss off.

    Yes, always head-check when you are able to.
  9. Absolutely I head check when filtering across lanes. It would be way too embarrassing to cause another motorcyclist to have an accident. I've noticed most riders seem to filter through traffic without much regard for what might come out from between cars, this is dangerous.
  10. On my regular route, on many occasions when sitting at the front waiting for the green, we both take off in our respective lanes but are too cautious of each other to enter the filtering lane when the cars bank up again in front.

    So we end up sitting there like numpties playing the 'after you, no, after you' game while the Vespa that took off slower than us flies past.
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  11. Yes, it's absolutely essential that we have a good look down the line whenever we change from one filtering line to another. That often means leaning forward so that we can see around the cars sufficiently. It's common sense, really, but every now and then you find someone to whom ideas like this don't occur naturally.