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Do you even lift? (or rather… do you use protein powder?)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I ask only because some friends that were in a group buy for some protein powder have backed out and now I need to find a couple of Melbournians who are interested in high-quality protein at a good price (I need 2 more people to get this price, but as many people as want to get in certainly can):


    Best protein I've ever used in my life, bar none. Tastes good, blends well, works well. I'm getting 4.5kg (10lb) bags for $140 each shipped to my office (Port Melbourne, but you could also pick up at my home in St Kilda). Buyer chooses between chocolate, vanilla, rocky road, or strawberry.

    Hoping to order Thursday or Friday, so if you're interested, please let me know ASAP :)


  2. Is protein powder likely to be eaten by a grue? Should it have had a lantern in its inventory?
  3. big question, WHY????
    It adds bulk mainly by water retention .
  4. The horse growth hormones you take as another supplement will make you pee heaps and reduce fluids
  5. I just love the irony in the fact we have people accusing supermarkets of "tainting" milk with some evil by-product of cheese production known as "permeate". Yet at the same time we also have people paying vast sums of money for exactly the same cheese by-product packaged as "whey powder" or "protein".

    FYI the actual price of whey powder (or "protein") is about a buck a kilogram, which makes for around a 3000% markup even on that "discount" price.
  6. Good thread so far.

    We haven't had anyone play the role of the gym tough guy yet. Any takers?
  7. See you in the change rooms.

    Oh wait you said tough guy.

    As you were
    Carry on
  8. That's creatine.
  9. Yup, and anyone who consumes it know that different brands process it differently. Better brands taste better, have fewer carbs and fats, and blend better into milk or water.

    Not tryin' to sell it on anyone, just offering a good deal to someone who might want it.
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    l-arginine for the win. Protein supplements like whey are mostly placebo for younger users, but has some benefits for older lifters.
    why that is is not known as yet
  11. Where do you get that from? - I find a protein supplement useful simply because I can't eat amount of protein I require in a day.

    No, but seriously, won't this stuff make me fat?
  13. No, it'll only add muscle
  14. I'm allergic to Calcium caseinate (curds) so I put whey on my porridge instead of milk. If I wasn't allergic I'd just live on ice-coffee flavored milk.
  15. google wikipedia, I'm on a shitty internet connection currently.
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    Nah, weight gainer vs protein powder are diff things. Protein powder is just a clean source of, well, protein. Weight gainer is high in protein but also VERY high in calories, it's for guys who lift a shitload and are trying to bulk up while doing so. THey'll gain muscle and fat, so after the bulking period, they have to do a cutting session to lose the fat they gained at the same time.

    Here's my diet/exercise breakdown:

    Every morning monday through saturday I do at least 30 minutes of solid cardio on a recumbent bike at the gym (about 400cals burned), and 3 days per week I lift weights after that.

    Every morning I have a shake consisting of:

    1 scoop whey protein
    1 scoop casein protein
    1 banana (140g or so)
    225ml of lowfat milk
    35g of light peanut butter
    Double handful of ice

    Throw above into blender, enjoy.

    Comes out to about a litre, and 695 calories or so. 20g of fat, 66g of carbs, 66g of protein. This takes care of post-workout recovery, and the casein keeps me from being hungry for several hours.

    Lunchtime I have a sandwich or a burrito or something, usually not more than about 400-500 calories.

    Dinnertime I have basically whatever I feel like, be it steak, chicken, potatoes, pizza, whatever. If I'm gonna have something like pizza or lasagne + garlic bread or other really high-calorie food I'll usually hit the gym for another cardio session after work, before dinner.

    Dessert is usually a little bit of ice cream, milk, ice and casein protein run through the blender for a nice milkshake.

    Does it work? Well, I lost 13kg between 6 Oct and 19 Dec, so I think so. Spent the last 2.5 weeks undoing the damage from the holiday trip though, fcuk. About 6kg left to my first target, and then probably another 4-5 after that.

    Note: Caloric needs vary between people my plan might not work for you blah blah blah.
  17. Except whey tastes foul. And I doubt cutting it 50% with Milo would make it any better.
  18. 30mins of the bike 6 days is good going. i would have thought doing 30mins of the bike everyday plus a proper diet would be all most people need, maybe more.
  19. Yeah it's probably plenty, but I'm impatient and also have a hard time doing anything without maximum intensity, so I want to get to my target as quickly as I can without being unsafe :) Plus the more I exercise, the more I can eat while still maintaining a 1,000 calorie daily deficit :)
  20. You should try smelling it when it's been in your boot for most of a 12 hour shift :yuck:
    It is amazing what flavourings can cover up.