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Do you eat lunch at your desk?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Stunning new research reveals that some workers eat lunch at their desks :shock:


    Is this an indication of a new work ethic in Australia?

    Sadly, I'd bet not; it's much more likely that people can't tear themsleves away from their lives on Facebook in the boss' time......

    For myself, I can't remember too many days in the last ten years when I haven't eaten lunch at a desk, or at least in front of a computer while I wait for it to do something :LOL:.
  2. Al Desko ???
  3. Letting idiots who think they are clever write newspaper articles - Priceless. :facepalm:
  4. whats this desk you speak of?
  5. Mine's more like a bench... but yeah, I eat at it.
  6. Used to eat at my desk not anymore though. I make a point of going out, they don't pay me for that hour so I ain't working...
  7. 4 days a week i have lunch at my desk, some weeks i even have dinner there too
  8. i don't have a desk to speak of, or a bench, i try not to eat while i'm working, though i'm often guilty of doing it just to get done quicker
  9. I have no choice - when breakfast, lunch or dinner is served, I have to eat in the 'office'. Thankfully, there is is now a retractable table available upon which to rest the food tray ;)
    I'd be eating elsewhere, if I had it my way though....
  10. Same as stigger ....... they don't pay me for that hour, so I try to get outside as much as possible and I definitely do not eat lunch at my desk. I could think of nothing worse!
  11. I eat lunch at my desk most days, but not because I'm working - just easier to read a book there or surf the web.
  12. Phuck no... Lunch is time for me to escape. Get a feed then go for a walk along the Brisbane river and check out all the bikes near QUT.
  13. I don't have any nice places to walk to. I get outside to get lunch, so for my one hour I'm prob at my desk for 30 - 45 mins of it.

    North Sydney doesn't have any rivers or bush or cute places to sit. I can't stand the noise from the traffic.
  14. Lunch, coffee breaks all at a desk, why?
    Netrider time........lol
  15. Hell yeah! =D>
  16. You don't think this is a bit of a generalisation .. just a tad ??
  17. lunchtime = internet time so yes I eat at my desk. I try to minimise internet usage when I'm on the clock.
  18. When our company took office space in a new building they didn't have room for a lunch room, just a kitchet type thing so most people are forced to eat at their desk if they are in this building (POS). Our main building has a 46inch LCD with some form of sport on constantly.

    Myself I eat at my desk because I spend 80 minutes of my 90 minute maximum lunch break time in the gym.

    Some mornings when I sleep in or do morning gym breaky is also consumed at the desk. It's quite common in my office for people to eat breaky at work, kitchen is full of cereals etc and people making hot breakys as a lot of people start quite early (6ish) and carry on through sometimes past the other 6 on the clock...

    Edit: and yes I just typed that while plowing down a bowl of pasta...
  19. oh yeah, I forgot to say we don't have a lunch room. Just a small kitchen.