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do you carry tools?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheForgotten, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I'm piecing together a better toolkit to carry in the tailbox, adding stuff which is missing from the factory kit and throw in a few 'oh shit' parts i have lying round

    so far i have:
    8/12mm, 10/12mm, 14/17mm open spanners
    spark plug socket
    wheel nut spanner
    flat/phillips screwdriver
    rear shock preload spanner
    spare levers (clutch and brake)
    zip ties
    allen keys - can't think of sizes off top of my head

    is there anything else i should chuck in?
  2. Gaffer tape
    Some electrical wire - can be used both for making running wiring repairs and to tie stuff on.
    Puncture repair kit
  3. do i carry tools ? --- just myself
  4. 1/4 drive micro ratchet with extension and universal & 8,10,12,14mm sockets. I also cary my Leatherman Wave multitool that has been used many times.
  5. For day to day riding i have a kit that stays with each bike. A purpose selected kit for the DR, just the basics for that bike, keep the weight down and also very limited space without bags etc. The kit itself is pretty sparse but suits what I need.

    The Kawa has a lot more space, and I carry a much bigger kit, full range of sockets from 8mm up, 3/8" drive with small ratchet. Misc spanners, a shifter, can of fix a flat, screw drivers, allen keys, puncture kit, misc spares including fuses, globes, wire, zip ties tape etc etc

    When I'm away I carry a lot more, most of which I'll never use. Gas powered soldering iron (good for emergency plastic welding, as well as electrical), test light, spare master links, a few links of chain and a chain breaker, all sorts of carp. Like I said, most of it never sees the light of day but it's good to know it's there.
  6. Puncture repair kit, pliers, bicycle pump, pressure gauge. For some reason motorcycle tyres have a unique ability to attract nails.
  7. i have a trailer sitting at home and a wife to pick me up :D
  8. Spare plug?
  9. mobile phone and racq's number in the phone's memory
  10. I used to carry quite a comprehensive set of compact tools but found I
    only ever used them on my mates poorly maintainted, unreliable, shitheaps.

    Now I just take a book.
  11. a small torch with a flashing beacon type option.
  12. puncture repair kit, spanner, pen sized pressure gauge, multi screw driver, bike toolkit.

    +1 for book. you never know when you may have some spare time on your hands
  13. Membership to RACV total care.
    I have the standard tool kit and soon to be added a puncture kit and mini hand pump.
  14. On my CBR900RR, thanks to the large storage capacity under the pillion seat I carry

    Standard tool kit (Honda CBR issue)
    Puncture repair kit + pressure guage
    Basic First Aid kit
  15. I have my trusty RVF toolkit that it is imperative for all of those weird parts on the bike and I also have a set of allen keys. Nothing worse than knowing what the problem is on your bike when you stuck in Hicksville and hating yourself cause' you can't take off the fairings cause' you have not allen key................gggrrrrrrr
  16. On a road bike just the factory tool kit, an RACV total car membership card and a phone.

    On a trail bike I take the factory tool kit and add puncture repair kit (with CO2 pump, patches, tyre levers), leatherman, LED torch and an 8inch shifter since I might be somewhere where an RACV recovery vehicle can't come and pick me up.
  17. Factory kit,a few zip ties,lil led torch,puncture repair in a can,duct tape and a small length of copper pipe...the pipe can be slipped over the stub of a broken lever for a hasty repair to make it usable again,mobile phone and smokes.
    Anything that requires more than that is probably a showstopper that will require towing..so there is no need to go overboard.
  18. Same as captain slow plus a torch (similar to what monkeyman said - i have a Cree Q5 torch - perfect), unless im going for a longer ride, maybe overnight... then ill have a shifter, roll of tape, and a decent pair of screwdrivers.
  19. All you need is duck tape, ask Chuck Norris.
  20. toilet paper