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Do you buy motorcycle stuff online?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chief, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Never

  2. Occasionally

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  3. Only if I can't get it at a shop

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  4. Often

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  1. Hi all!

    I live away from the major cities and don't get to them very often.

    Consequently, the option of purchasing motorcycle gear and accessories online is naturally quite attractive. The only thing is that I'm still not really sure about online purchasing and like the look, feel, touch, try of a physical shop.

    What is your experience? What would you by online and what wouldn't you? For example Helmets, this would definitely be a try before you buy item.

  2. I've bought parts and accessories online, they're not really a problem so long as you know you're getting the right bit.

    I've bought clothing before too, pants and jacket. It's a bit harder, but so long as you make absolutely sure you've got the sizing right, then you should be right. Most of the online places are pretty happy to do a swap if you get the wrong size. Just ask nicely.

    Helmets I'm not too sure about. I have bought a cheap open face onlien, but even that worried me. I work with alot of courier type people, so I see and hear stories about the 'care' and 'delicateness' with which our freight is moved around the country. Not too sure how much I'd trust a helmet that has been freighted loose.
  3. Bought heaps of stuff online. You have to occasionally try stuff on in shops to be sure. The way the dollar is at the moment, its perfect time to buy from the US. Make sure you check your freight costs though. Some get a bit excited and try and become millionares from charging freight. I have been burnt once to the tune of almost $600 on Ebay.. But it hasnt detered me from buying from online.
  4. all the damn time i am not paying full retail for trumpy parts and most of the vfr400 stuff is great Brittan only etc...
  5. Will quite happily buy parts and accessories online. Clothing and helmets? Only if I can try the exact same item on at a shop first so that I am sure of the fit. There is just too much variance in fit of these things for any claimed specific size to be sure you are going to get something that will fit correctly and comfortably without actually trying it first.

    I wouldn't even buy a t-shirt online without being sure of the fit - what one brand deems an "L" another might deem an "XL" and yet another an "M"
  6. The better online clothing places will actually give you the measurements of the apparel, like across the shoulders, arm length, stuff like that. Makes it a bit easier buying online..
  7. I have bought loads of stuff for my old Sunbeam and Norton on line. Brilliant resource for hard to find bits and can turn out cheaper even if the bits are OS, and often the only way to get some parts as well.

    For the cars, it has varied. America has a company that overhauls Fairey overdrives, where they tend to be scrapped in Australia. Other odd English parts can be sourced OS through ebay and the like, but the cars don't seem to be as much of an issue.

    I've scored a few bits for the BMW, but hardly any compared to the Norton or Sunbeam.


  8. Bough heaps of stuff online. race chamber, pipe, suit, alarms, etc
    Mostly on ebay using paypal so there is some sort of guarentee if the other party doesnt send.
  9. 99% of the mods to my Hornet were bought online.
  10. I buy "consumable" service parts locally, ie oil filters etc.

    Protective gear, ie helmet, gloves, boots at a shop, to make sure it fits, draggin jeans I buy online, cos I know what fits, and it's great service.

    Other stuff.. , parts, etc on line.
  11. only thing i wont buy "online" is a helmet - I will always get them locally, for both trying on and AS sticker reasons.
  12. I buy almost all my parts online, its cheaper to get stuff from overseas most of the time even with postage. Havn't been burnt yet, touch wood. I only buy big items from online merchants that accept visa directly rather than paypal , but little things i'm happy to buy off ebay.

    Buying online is half the fun.... you shoot off a number of orders and for the next months it Christmas every week as the bit a pieces come through the mail.

  13. I always buy online if I know I can get it cheaper. I just bought a TZ-1 alpinestar jacket on ebay for $455 AUD rrp over here for like $800. Its abit harsh trying things on in shops and then buying it online, but we all know the laws on supply and demand.. and that invisible hand :LOL:
  14. Filters etc, always online. Cheaper and easier, plus I KNOW I am getting the right one (I buy from a company with many, many years experience in motorcycles and parts). Even bought a few tyres.
    Did up my Z with online parts exclusively too.
    It's like this- bike shops can moan and groan about the internet and a lack of customer loyalty, or they can drop their prices and actually sell stuff again. Bike shops seem to have fallen into teh low volume/high profit trap.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Mostly comes with the territory for having a Triumph in Australia. Bloody prices in local shops can be a massive increase over for the same product bought online from overseas (usually England or USA for Triumph stuff). Takes roughly 5-8 days from my experience (probably spent $7K-9K online in past year or so? Parts, accessories and apparel, check, check and check!

    Talking about buying stuff online, I just received (as of today) the matching (whole) zip for my jeans so now I can get the other end put into the jacket as the existing one doesn't match and the seller (ebayer) had to wait some time til his supplier was able to send him zips which he sent me one once they arrived. :grin: GREAT After sales service!
  16. Any accessories for my bike I order online, but not gear, as i think you really need to try it first for a good fit (unless you know your size.)

    Most of my stuff comes from-

    Just ordered new exhaust, screen, pegs, tail kit, bars and bar ends from the US this week.

    Got the whole lot for about $1000 including tax (would have cost me that much just for the pipe here!)

    Online is GOOD- never had an issue.
  17. Just found this topic and it's sparked an intrest.
    I'm a sucker for buying stuff esp bike stuff.

    Anyway what sites do'you' use and recomend.

    I buy parts and apparell and all sorts of things.
    Since getting the new bike I've just been buying things impulsively. Well that's not true. Been doing that for a long time.
  18. I buy lots of stuff on line.
    The RVF often needs some hard to source parts so that can be the only option. But I do try and stay with in the Australian borders where ever possible.
    Ebay, despite my dislike for the service is a necessary evil. Again, for some parts it the only option. A lot of bike shops quickly seem to lose interest as soon as you mention a Grey import model. A short sighted view in my opinion and that pushes my trade to wards the online retailers.

    However, some of the prices available online are so low, Aussie businesses just cannot compete.
    Being an importer myself, I know how much a lot of these products cost to 'land' and often my landed cost is higher than the retail price available 'on line' from oversea's.
    Well, thats business, I here you say and I do agree to an extent. But, if there's no money to be made, importers will discontinue that product line leaving only one option to the customers who need product support.

    At the moment, people see it as ok to walk into a store, try a jacket on for size then go home and order it over the web to save a few dollars (maybe $100?). Well, if everyone does that, then the store wont be there for long.

    It was only a few years ago that you couldn't get the latest helmets, boot's jackets etc. All that was available was 2-3 year old styles. Thats changed and now we have all the latest kit in shops available right now.
    Check the latest uk mags, look at the adverts and the same stuff there is here. But as more people move to online overseas buying, the need to stock all these products in Australia will decrease as will choice of products available locally.

    What we may see in the future is the bigger company's establishing global prices (O***y and D*****e seem to do this from what I've seen on my travels) or like OH***s, refuse to sell direct overseas and instruct their dealers the to do the same, so as to protect their distribution networks.
  19. I've bought everything except my helmet and motorcycle online without any problems what so ever.
    If you're buying from ebay I only buy from sellers who have paypal. At least then you have piece of mind when it comes to getting your money back if things go pear shaped.
  20. I bought my motorcycle online. I need to try on gear though before I purchase it, so I end up just going to a shop.