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Do you buy and use vouchers from websites?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by alexjkoro, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. hey guys,

    At the moment we are dealing with a couple of advertising websites which give the end consumer a discounted special on some of our products. I'm interested to know if any of you buy and use these vouchers to try out new eating or retail places? This can give me an indication on whether or not to go ahead with it.


  2. Have in the past and would do again if its something im interested in.
  3. Definitely do and have found some new places that I may not have gone to otherwise
  4. I've used the vouchers on deal cat website, sometime they are abit restrictive. Also have the Geelong Entertainment book, that's better value.

    Bought mine through the RSPCA, so they got my money
  5. Living social, Cudo etc.
    Been out to probably 10 different restaurants in the last 6 months I probably would never have gone to before.
    Usually it works out to be a 2 eat for the price of one on the economics side and sometimes a glass of wine thrown in too.
    9 put of 10 places I would go to again and pay full price.
  6. Second thought - As much as it is a great opportunity to bring people in the door, make sure the staff don't treat them as "Voucher Customers". That happened to us in one place that we normally went to once a month, and we have never been back since
  7. Agree with Stevdav
    Only had that happen once personally and decided that was the place I wouldn't go back to. Plus the food was pretty ordinary.
    The is an Italian place in Black Rock that has many reviews about 'voucher customers' including the meals being smaller
  8. I should really check this stuff out, girlfriend is always complaining we don't do anything (though never has any ideas herself :p )

  9. That is one advantage with the Entertainmnet Book....they don't know you have a discount until you are paying the bill.
  10. Always worth a look. I have gone to places I otherwise wouldn't have. You usually get a few months to use your voucher tools
  11. Yeh, scoopon and living social stuff. Normally restaurants but also go karts and galaxy world sometimes.
  12. We use them a lot. But to be honest even after some great meals we never go back to the same place.

    But probably the most important thing the vouchers do is fill the place up so it looks popular.
  13. Yep, I do . Used LivingSocial, OurDeal and others. Went back to some of the places even without vouchers.
  14. cheers for the replies guys, it really helps getting over the mindset that we are just discounting meals for the people who would have already come to the place anyway. your opinions make a difference. and for those places who treat a voucher customer differently and have different meals... shame on them, they obviously dont realise the value in returning customers.