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Do you blank your radiator in the cold?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by blackjacket, May 22, 2010.

  1. At the moment, my bike hardly gets over 65 oC even when fanging around. Only really after a long run through the country it climbs to 80 (operating temperature). AFAIK, the ECU only switches off fuel enrichment at 65oC, so I'm wondering if my valves are carboning up...

    Seeing as it's going to get colder now, I was thinking of blanking part of the radiator with tape. Any of you guys in colder parts do this?
  2. No.

    What's a radiator? :LOL:

    According to Murphy's Law the same radiator which is soooo efficient in winter causes you to overheat in summer. This means you can relax as you will be running at an acceptable average temp all year round.
  3. Sound like your thermostat is jammed open?
  4. +1 on stuck thermostat
  5. <snip> on second thoughts.. yea sounds like the thermostat
  6. Which model Ducati do you have? Some run very hot in Summer and very cold in Winter with no ill effect.

    If your fuel mapping is marginally rich, the engine temp will tend to stay quite low at this time of year as the rich mixture cools the engine.

    I rode a modified 916 today in southern Victoria for about 5 hours and the temp sat on 65 - 70 from 7.00am off and on to 6.00pm including Melbourne traffic and open highway.

    Had it been my own 748/853 it would have run warmer as my radiator is half covered with race tape during Winter.
  7. Bike is a 748. I went digging through the workshop manual and finally found the cooling bit. The thermostat opens at 65 degrees! Kinda low I thought... still, I'm gonna tape it a bit because it's getting even colder.

  8. Tape up half the radiator and keep an eye on the gauge.

    If the thermostat jams open on a Desmoquattro the gauge won't move of zero...
  9. How cold does it get in Bathurst mid winter? Unless it's regularly sub zero I wouldn't change anything.
  10. I used to tape a piece of cardboard across half my radiator on my GPX. In winter it just took way too long to get to operating temp otherwise. Even with it taped up the gauge never even looked like getting too hot in winter.
    Somehow I don't think my VFR will ever have that problem. It runs toasty warm.
  11. It gets VERY cold in Bathurst, all year round; many decades ago it snowed at Oberon (close-ish) over the Easter weekend!!!!
  12. I rode through 20 Canberra winters and never had a problem. And I never knew any of my mates who blanked off their radiators. I think we can safely trust modern design to do most of the thinking for us these days.
  13. Bathurst is like Sydney during the day, but the temperature drops really quickly with the sun eg Sydney high/low is 20/10, bathurst is 15/0. If you're still riding after dark, it gets pretty chilly.
  14. wow 65 degrees.... My bike gets to 85 celcius within a minute of riding after a cold start, and proceeds to get to 104 after just a minute or two of traffic light idling.