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Do you belong to a motorcycle club?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rennsport, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. What do you expect from your club? What do you get from belonging to a club ?

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  2. I'm a member of St George MCC. It's a pre-requisite for getting an MA (racing) license
  3. I used to be a member of St George back in the '80s. Did club days and it was a requirement to be a member of a club to get my NSW racing license.
  4. Part of Preston MCC and as said above, requirement if you want to get a race license.

    I don't expect much from the club, although club meetings can be entertaining and informative of up coming events. Which reminds me, I haven't been too one for a very long time!
  5. yeah we go around raping, pillaging, selling drugs and committing arson..

    here in tas we need to be a member for track days.
    there are two tracks (north and south) and a club for each, but they recognise each other, so one membership can be used for both tracks (track days, not sure about racing)

    the main focus would be to organise racing and have other little events (bike shows etc.)

    i don't race, but they do a good job with the track days.
  6. I'm president of a small bike club in Wagga (Redback Riders).

    As president I get more than my fair share of stress, but that comes with the job. I get to organise rides, spanner days, BBQ's etc etc.

    When I'm just a normal member someone else organises rides, spanner days, BBQ's etc etc for me.

    But, as with many small clubs in these days of 'internet social networks', we are struggling for members. People either want a Ulysses/HOGies style organisation and are happy to pay for it, or they don't to pay for it and are happy just to get an email/FB/Forum post telling them where to meet for a ride.
  7. I joined up with OzStoc in November 2011. At that time I was the 4th SA member and now we have 20; nation wide it's almost 400 in the last few days.


    I tend to post most of our state RTE's on a monthly basis but at our next RTE in May we'll be aiming for a yearly calendar.

    We've just had our second national rally at Middleton SA over the 15th/16th/17th March where 39 (mix of ST1100 and 1300, 1xBMW and 1x1500 'wing) bikes turned up making 50 people in all.
  8. Dependent on what you want, the Ulysses Club can be very good value indeed.

    I get a U.C. discount on my two big bikes green slips, and historic vehicle rego on my wee bike.

    U.C. gives you $60 towards a First Aid Cert. course, every three years, plus $80 towards an advanced riding course, again, one every three years.

    In short, they pay me to be a member.

    ...and, there is no rule that you have to go to meetings, or rides, or generally hang out with all the old farts.
  9. I'm seriously considering becoming a National Member. I've ridden with the local branch a couple of times, and quite frankly, I don't fit in.
  10. Hi Mick.

    Aye, the not fitting in can be a bugga...... but, the U.C. doesn't actually require you to "fit in" or even talk to any particular group.

    AFAIK, I am officially "unattached" as in I don't belong to any given branch.

    U.C. is also handy when you are well out of your own territory.

    Last time I went from Sydney to Adelaide, I got some great help from the SA folk of U.C.
  11. And that is why I'm considering becoming a National Member rather than joining my local branch.

    Don't get me wrong some of the people in the local branch are top value, but there's just a few too many anal retentive 'children' for my liking.
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  12. Tell me about it, Mick. ;)

    To me, that is the beauty of the U.C., you join, and you are a member....there is no chapters, the branches are actually immaterial, you are a U.C. member, where ever you go in Oz and NZ and a few other places... you are a Ulysses Club member.

    As I said in a previous posting, you don't have to go to meetings.
  13. I'm a national member of U.C but I didn't have much in common with most of the local branch members who seemed mostly to want to sit around on a Saturday morning and drink coffee so I didn't bother with branch membership.

    I got a years free membership of H.O.G and didn't expect to use it or renew but the local H.O.G chapter is small and organizes rides once a month which suits my riding style. Relaxed ride for 2 or 3 hundred kms on back roads then lunch and a beer or two and head home. The last thing I expected was for H.O.G rides to be good to be honest but I think it's partly because it's a small rural chapter and partly because the average age is a bit younger than the local U.C (despite being over 50 I'm very much at the younger age range for our local U.C branch).

    I think, for me at least, it's about finding some people to ride with that I can talk to because we've got something in common rather than which 'club' it is.
  14. guess it sounds better than a 'retirement community'
  15. I agree, it's also important (to me) that we have a similar 'outlook' on riding. I don't necessarily mean speed, because I'm not that fast, it's more about the attitude.

    These days (when I can afford to go for a ride just for the hell of it) I'm finding that I'm enjoy riding by myself more and more.
  16. We are all 'national members'. Branches don't have memberships as such, despite some people's attitudes. OTOH each branch is different and you have to shop around to find the one you like.

    I tried a couple of branches before I found one where I fitted in and have been lucky this time in fitting in with the branch here on the south coast. You should drop in if you're over here some time.
  17. That's easier in large cities than in rural areas where there's probably only the one U.C branch within reasonable riding distance.
  18. I resigned from the UC ... I still keep in touch with some of the regulars who show up at the local Maccas but that is more for my partners wishes than mine. IMHO the club has drifted too far from it's origins and has become precious and self absorbed and expensive (particularly their AGM).

    Apparently I am way too outspoken to get along with people :oops: and I lack a penis so that rules me out for most other MCCs. :(

    In short I am a reject ... hey that's a good name for a club ... anyone wanna join ?:ROFLMAO:
  19. Dont feel rejected cos you havent got a penis Frac, I love people without penises. :)
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    lot of info here..... thanks.

    I am not a member of any club; however, I have been looking!

    Problem that I have found is being mid 40's I don't quite fit. (Either too old or not old enough) I generally ride by myself and enjoy just doing my own thing when I want. Being a shift worker, I work around 30% of weekends for the year, so regularly do my riding on week days.
    I have been doing the 'Rally scene' for the last few years, and still find it a hard scene to break into, as most are older blokes/blokettes who have been attending for years and already have an established group of friends.

    I have looked at the 'Redback tourers' (as B12mick has mentioned), the 'Patriots' and the 'Diggers'. (all have pros & cons)
    At the moment I am seriously looking at the Ulysses.... However, have heard a few things, but comments posted here also help with filling in the gaps, but I plan to go for a couple of rides before committing, and see for myself.

    One mob I ride with are the ADV'ers.. go to a few get togethers and find it most enjoyable and plenty of riders, not just show-ponies (no offence intended, I think we all know what I am talking about).

    What I have found: Having the most expensive bike, with all the good gear, does not make the person a good rider.