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Do you avoid a First Model Motorbike like a First Model Car?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by benpaddlejones, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. A problem/question from a Newbie:

    Given the Hype about the new 08 Ninja 250 (please don't make this a discussion on which 250 is better, its not the issue).

    Given that when Holden or Ford bring out a new Model car, particularly when its a radical change in shape/engine most informed car buyers will stay clear until second series is released with most problems fixed.

    My problem/question is are motorbikes the same? Should riders avoid the a new model like the 08 Ninja 250 until series 2?

    I am more interested in the why or why not!
  2. What problems do you think it will have? I think the majority of the 'new' model problems are not relevant due to the fact that a large percentage of the bike is donor from other models.
  3. Re: Do you avoid a First Model Motorbike like a First Model

    That's because they're Australian cars

    The engine in the 08 250 kawasaki is a lightly modified 20 year old design. Nothing can go wrong.
  4. Re: Do you avoid a First Model Motorbike like a First Model

    In general - absolutely. Often I would not buy a first year run of really new model, even if I could afford it!. It just seems logical to me to let the others do the testing before I spend my money and there are many examples of bikes that weren't bad, but needed another season or two of work before they were finished. For example, BMW K1200S and derivatives, it seems it's the same story currently going on with Aprilia Shiver, or Hyosung 650, which has been improving in quality for a couple of seasons... any year now...

    However it's a bit different with this Ninja, because while it looks new, much of it is based on the old design and even where it isn't, it uses tried and true technology. So it should be OK.
  5. This bike is really just a GPX with better fairings and a tweaked engine which has been going around for ages so its not really a new bike. Simple design and the Japs make way higher quality stuff than holden and ford.
  6. Beyond 08 Ninja 250

    Great input, but beyond the 08 Ninja, does it matter as much with Bikes given less door seals and greater simplicity of the engine???