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Do you allow others to ride your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nel, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. for me, its a definate NO. never have.

    i have not had a bad experience through this, even with all my past bikes being of the dirt variety (Enduro), and with some of the stories i have read here about mates dropping bikes just while sitting on them, i never let any of my mates 'have a go'.
    especially now with 'Marcelle', im the only one to ride her.

    anyone else hold their bikes as close to them as me?

  2. I've swapped bikes with friends before.

    Where our bikes are comprehensively insured and we are mutually possessed of sufficient funds to cover the excess should an 'incident' occur.
  3. only under the conditions ktulu mentioned
  4. when i had my bike there were a few people i let ride it, one guy stacked it a bit

    only cosmetic damage, by the time he got the bike back to me, (about half hour) he already had the replacements priced, and was there only for directions. he went and got them, and with my help installed them the next day, and the bike looked better than new. he never borrowed it again, even though i offered it.

    i felt he was MORE trustworthy with the bike because of how he reacted to damaging it. it in no way changed my mind on lending it to people.
  5. good
  6. Yes, but only friends or people I trust.

    I love trying different bikes and its not fair to say hey can I try yours? But no you can't use mine :)
  7. why?
  8. Never, but I don't ride other folks bikes either.
  9. I don't ride anything I can't afford to buy right there and then. I don't lend my bike to others that can't do the same.
  10. yes..to what? :?
  11. let em or not.... :wink:
  12. I don't think I ever will

    Hi All,

    I believe my answer is NO.

    I haven't allowed anyone to ride my bike, I believe I never will.

    But I haven't had the urge to ride someone else's either.

    I am however a newbie. My bike is also my current prized possession.

    Which I am learning to ride, anytime on another bike is time I could of spent on mine.

    Also sorry doesn't fix it if it gets damaged. If your mate pays the excess it can still affect your premium next time. Or have you unable to get insured at all.


    P.s Just realised the mechanic rides it after he services the bike. Will now have to read my insurance policy. :?
  13. If its a mate and I trust he/she will do the right thing then no problems. If you're not a mate then no.
  14. What do all you people who don't let people ride there bikes say when someone asks?

    I'm kinda on the side of NO unless i trust the people who i know can ride or operate the machine in question (only that).
  15. I don't know what it is with bikes....

    If you have a brand new bike, people think you're rich. If you have two brand new bikes, they think you're stupendously rich. This is despite the fact that you can get two brand new blingo bikes for less than the price of a brand new Commonwhore.

    Similarly, most wouldn't hesitate letting someone drive their $30000 car, but suddenly a $10k bike is more out of bounds than their significant other's genitalia. I don't get it.
  16. Re: I don't think I ever will

    No mate you need to read HIS policy!
  17. That's it - if they ask, they shouldn't ride.

    Offer it before they ask to those you trust, but set the boundaries:

    "Anything that happens is your responsibility."

    If they don't agree without question, they don't ride.


    Trevor G

    PS I have loaned my pride and joy to various mates so that they could experience the fun of the VTR. It has been damaged (several times) by one, who won't receive the offer again, because she also lent it (without my permission) to her son! No-no.

    PPS I don't have/use/need insurance, either. We bend it, we fix it. We bend someone else? We fix them straight away, too.
  18. No-one gave me the MV for nothing. I worked for it. When people ask for a ride, and it has happened a fair few times, I tell them to buy their own.
  19. No loaners.

    I once loaned an old cheap bike to a close friend, because I figured I
    could afford to cope with it if something unpleasant happened. The
    loan period stretched from a day to days to a week and a half, then
    I found out that despite my explicit instructions he fed it the wrong
    oil and seized the top end.

    Not covered by insurance, cost me $500 smackers.

    If they want to ride it, they buy it.