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Do you all vote?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FBI, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Due to my my working requirements, I decided I'd rather be in bed asleep then waste my time voting for a bunch of people I've never heard of (local election). I was expecting a fine, and got it in the mail today (took them long enough).

    I was reading the notice, and it states that one of the reasons for not voting is "I had an honest belief that abstention from voting was part of my religious duty". Interesting eh? So I did a little research, and found out that many Muslims choose not to vote (although this is not a rule), because they believe that the islamic Sharia'ah (laws based on the Qur'an and the teaching of Muhammad, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) are the best way to live.

    I wonder.. if it's time to convert to Islam? :twisted:

    So do you vote? Would you if you didn't have to?

  2. [quote="FBI"So do you vote? Would you if you didn't have to?[/quote]

    Nope, I'd be in bed as well ;)
  3. Set's an interesting precedent. "I didn't abide by the laws of this country because they contradict Sharia law". Now I wonder where that could lead.... Sounds like they are drawing a line on what laws are considered acceptable or of a low enough level to blow off on religious grounds. I wonder where that line stops?

    As for voting, always do. I have been very close to informal voting due the inadequacy of all the candidates(ACT election :roll: ) but haven't had to so far. In fact, I was one of the dissenting thousands who were so appalled at the SA State candidates a few years ago that we voted Nick Xenophon into his first seat. He seemed to be the only person on the ballot paper with a worthwhile opinion.
  4. I vote but only cause I have to.

    All the candidates are usually as bad as each other anyway, whichever way you vote you still get clowns.
  5. how much is the fine for not voting, out of interest......might be worth it for a longer sleep in next time...

    but yes normally vote, but i do find it pointless, you still end up with completely out of touch people telling me whats best for me (general population) :roll:
  6. I vote because I if I don't, then I don't have a right to complain about whichever cabal of spastics do manage to snake their way into power.

    I vote because when people like me STOP voting, then the government needs only to target it's services at idiots, and the country will crumble in debt and corruption, while the stupid 'trust' their overlords.

    And I vote coz there was a really cute chick at the polling booth last time, and maybe she'll be there again.
  7. I didn't vote cause i didn't realise till the last minute.

    when i realised i hadn't updated my enrolment details.

    So it was either drive 1 1/2 hrs to vote in an election i didnt care about

    Or go to the trackday that I had been waiting for, for months.

    Im waiting for the fine. :biker:

    If anyone knows and good excuses post up

  8. +1 Ktulu

    I find that people will complain about the inadequacy of candidates - but if they're pressed they can't even tell you the names of the candidates or anything about them.
  9. Usually the fine for not voting is around $50. I did a postal vote, means you can vote at your leisure (as long as its in before the deadline)

    Valid reasons, could be overseas / interstate at the time and were not aware of the local vote (doesn't usually work with the federal vote)
  10. Yes and yes.

    For all the reasons Ktulu put up, and also the fact that people have died to allow me the right to do so. I'd feel a little ungrateful if I gave that up.

    I even vote in local council elections (non-compulsory in WA), mainly to try to stop some particularly anti-bike dickheads from getting in.
  11. How much is the fine?

    I don't vote as I'm not allowed to...born in NZ and came over on Mum's passport in 79 apparently makes me ineligible to be on the electoral roll.
  12. You don't get a fine if you're not on the electoral roll.

    I probably got the fine. I forgot and only remembered on Sunday but I never forget for federal or state. Oh well, I had better things to do on the Sat anyway :p
  13. I know someone who replied to there fine with a letter that said they had considered the platform of each of the available candidates and decided that non of them were worthy of a vote, so to consider her lack of a vote to be a vote in and of its self
    She heard nothing further on the subject
    (Note just because it worked then I am not stating that it will work now)
    Personally I have always voted, usually I am not voting for who I want in, but just making sure I keep out the worst options. Unfortunately my vote has realy counted for much because I have always been in safe seats, so my vote has just added to the tidal wave or been tantamount to p!ssing in the wind
  14. So apply to become a citizen and then you can.

    I have no idea why people don't vote. 10mins of my time, once every 3 years for federal and 4yrs for state. Local elections I could vote via post, but I took my vote in, as it's the way home.

    Ktulu is correct. If you don't vote, you have no right to complain or biatch about how things are. With our voting system, there is always someone who will shares your passion for a particular cause. If enough of you feel the same way, that person gets elected.

    If you don't have compulsory voting, people won't go. And then you get situations like in the UK where a 40% turn out is considered good. With 3 main parties and a first past the post system, a government can be elected with 40% of the vote. That's less than 20% of the eligible voters!

    At least with our system, with nigh on 100% turn outs, we get the government we deserve.

    Rosie, I'm also sure that non citizens can vote. If you are not a citizen, a rate payer can apply to the VEC. Also, occupiers can apply.
  15. $55 fine, maybe I'll just pay it every few years and not bother voting. We had some dozen + members running here, and I could only name one of them (and none of his policies). I've no interest in voting, I figure they're all as bad as one another, and voting without knowledge is dangerous.
  16. And so if someone initiates a policy you don't like then you have no right to complain about it. Especially if it was part of their platform in the first place.
  17. Everyone's a lying c0ck... I'd rather not waste my time, but I'd rather not get a fine more... and I'm a morning person ;)
  18. By voting you do have the right to complain if you don't like any policy that is implemented.

    But really, who listens to your complaint. They're already in office they can do what they like.

    People forget over time and vote for them again.
  19. I've never missed voting, but I hate doing it.
    All those bastards stand at the gates handing you almost a book worth of paper, that goes straight in the bin. Last vote I tried pretending I was on the phone so they didnt give me anything, then one of them made a smart ass comment. "Vote 1 Mobile Phones" or something. C*&$
  20. Little stat. for you guys if the EB's (Exclusive Brethern) voted (this is who the law is in place for) then we would not have our current PM, as old Ruddy's electorate has the highest and richest population of EB's in the country. Rudd even went as far as to get them kicked out because they are a "cult" (ie. hate the left). I used to deal with them quite a bit as I am Open Brethern.